Steve Jobs invented Bitcoin

Today I want to tell you a story. The history of a pseudonym. Perhaps the most important of recent years: Satoshi Nakamoto. If you don’t know who that is, just search the Internet for “Bitcoin”. As a matter of fact, is the creator of the most widely used cryptocurrency in the world.

To this day, it remains a mystery who this Satoshi guy is. All we know is that he didn’t want to reveal his true identity and on January 9, 2009 he published version 0.1 of Bitcoin on SourceForge. That day the world changed, and to this day we do not know who was really responsible. We know that Satoshi has a wallet with his own cryptocurrency that is worth around $30,000 million today. Oddly enough, not a single one has ever been used.

An unlikely theory, but strange

Here’s the funny part about this whole thing. Andy Baio recently posted that he accidentally discovered that all Macs have what is called “The Bitcoin Whitepaper” by default but hidden, ie the original document submitted by Satoshi himself in which he explained how Bitcoin worked, what applications it had and how it could be used.

If you’re curious to see it on your Mac, open Finder and go to MacintoshHD > system > library > image capture > Devices. From there, hold Control and click VirtualScanner and then press Show Package Contents. open the folder Contentsthen that of resources, and in that list of documents you will see one called simpledoc.pdf. There are.

Screenshot of the document we are talking about

The question here is obvious, why the heck would Apple include the original copy of it by default and most importantly hidden? It can be a joke, an oversight or a programmer on your team maybe something much darker.

Come on, here it goes: What if Satoshi Nakamoto was actually Steve Jobs? That’s what the networks have been commenting on ever since this was discovered, and while it sounds absurd, the possibility, however remote, is there.

Satoshi disappeared from all online forums in April 2011. Jobs resigned as Apple CEO just three months later, and He died in October of the same year.. Which could also explain why not a single euro moved out of your wallet.

Steve Jobs was a visionary, not a programmer, but that doesn’t rule out this theory. Next to, This is not the first time this possibility has been discussed. Personally, it seems a little crazy to me, but it’s been talked about quite a bit online. Because what I repeat, I know that no, but what if so? Will Steve Jobs be the creator of Bitcoin? We’ll probably never know…or will we?

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