so that we can use Apple Music Sing in iOS 16.2

One of the novelties of the recently released version of iOS 16.2 and the rest of the operating systems is the arrival of Apple Music Sing. A service that allows us turn our iPhone, iPad or Apple TV into a kind of karaoke. One that’s backed by Apple Music’s extensive catalog and the functionality of lyrics synced to playback in real-time.

Whether we are thinking of singing Christmas carols or giving our best Home page possible from our favorite song, Apple Music Sing is a really interesting option. Let’s see first how to enjoy this novelty now that it’s officially available.

A karaoke in our pocket and in our living room

The first thing to consider is the device compatibility. Apple Music Sing requires at least a 6th generation iPad mini, 9th generation iPad, 4th generation iPad Air, 11-inch 3rd generation iPad Pro, 12.9-inch iPad Pro or 5th generation, an iPhone SE 3rd generation or iPhone 11 or later.

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The reason for this compatibility is that The system is supported by the third generation neural processor of these devices so that we can adjust the volume of the voice in the songs. It also requires a certain chip and lots of RAM, which leaves out some more devices. Finally, let’s remember that we need an Apple Music plan that is superior to the Voice version to use the service.

That is, and as the video above these lines already shows us, Let’s see how to use Apple Music Sing. The steps to do this are as follows:

  1. We open the app music on our iPhone, iPad or Apple TV.
  2. If necessary, we touch at the bottom of the playback screen to display the player.
  3. We touch the button in the form of a speech bubble to see the text in real time.
  4. We touch the microphone-shaped button to activate the singing mode.
  5. We hold the button for a second to adjust the volume of the voice during playback.
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Finally, let’s note that in addition to the rhythm, the lyrics of the song also follow paragraph by paragraph as before will mark progress letter by letter so we can follow the music. A feature that, although not available for all songs compatible with Apple Music Sing, is gradually being introduced.

Apple Music announces Sing, its karaoke interface so you can give it your all with your favorite songs

And the same will happen with the compatible songs themselves, hoping Apple will get this system working with more and more Apple Music catalogs as the days go by. Not to mention that at some point we will be able to Enjoy an instrumental version of our favorite songs, whether they exist or not, the possibility of turning our iPhone into a karaoke is really strange. everyone sings

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