Smart Folders may disappear from the Finder sidebar, but they are not lost. How to restore them

Finder Smart Folders on Mac is a feature that allows us to create folders that Organize content automatically according to certain criteria B. Date modified, tags or file type. A very convenient way to organize information and quickly find exactly what we are looking for.

For example, we can create a smart folder that automatically collects all images from a specific year or all text documents with a specific label. This makes it much easier for us to search and organize our files and more Any changes made to the files are automatically updated.

They can disappear, but not completely

We create the smart folders from the searches. From there we can set the file selection rules and start locating what we are looking for. In some cases, when these folders have more sophisticated rules than normal, it’s a good idea that we can save and save them add them to the Finder sidebar.

They seem safe there, but for one, we might forget to check the add option before saving, and for another, it wouldn’t be the first time we’ve accidentally dragged an item out of the sidebar and it disappears. With a specific folder we can withdraw it, but with a saved search we can where do we find it?

Of course in a separate folder. All we have to do to restore it is open a Finder window and menu walk Select Go to folder. Then we paste “~/Library/Saved Searches” there without the quotes and press Enter. we will see All saved searches are displayedwhat we call smart folders—which are also available in Notes—that we created and saved at all times.

From here, adding them back to the sidebar is as easy as selecting them and going to the menu finder and touch Add to sidebar. It’s that simple. We’ll see appear in the Favorites section of the bar and that we can drag them there to the position that is most convenient for us.

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Because depending on what smart folders it is, going back to the search box is easier than anything else, but some with multiple rules and carefully customized we’ll prefer not to lose. If we do that, at least apparently, we can easily find them again. Just you have to know where to look.

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