six possible solutions to make sure it’s not a problem with your iPhone

Apple has been in a bit of a bind with its weather app and service lately. Yesterday some screenshots were shared showing the application or its widgets They had no data, which the company admitted was a bug on their servers.

If we check Apple’s server status website, we see that the problem has already been fixed, so something might happen to you if in your specific case you still can’t see the weather forecast. In this case we follow a list of Things you can do to get the weather working again on your iPhone correctly.

This is what you can check if Time still not working on your iPhone

  • The first is of course cCheck if your iPhone is connected to the internet. In fact, on a personal level, that’s what I first suspect when I see the weather info not loading. The WiFi can work poorly, or if you’re on the road, you might experience dropouts in coverage. The quickest thing you can do to fix this is to put your iPhone in airplane mode and turn off airplane mode after about twenty seconds. You can also turn off Wi-Fi and mobile data separately, especially if you suspect one of them is to blame.
  • As with the other iOS applications, the time is up to youus system permissions. If you touched these permissions recently, you may have disabled some (e.g. location) and unknowingly prevented data from being downloaded. You can check these permissions in the iOS settings under the “Privacy” section.
  • If the first two options don’t work, then let’s move on to more serious matters. A possible solution at this point is Reset network settings. You have the option in the settings in the “General” section and under “Transfer or reset iPhone” > “Reset”. Don’t worry, you won’t lose any data. Restoring the network settings only erases the connection settings and resets them to factory defaults. All you have to do is re-enter your WiFi password and your data connection will remain.
  • Still can’t see the weather information? Other possible solutions: You can close all apps and restart iPhone. Perhaps some bug in the system, which a reboot fixes, will bring it back to normal.
  • If you haven’t already, try it Update iOS to the latest version. Every time the system updates, it rewrites data from its own components, which can force Time to request the data again and already do it correctly.

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There is one last option, but I prefer to comment it out of the list rather than recommend it: format the iPhone. But it’s by no means guaranteed to fix the weather data issue, and if you’re at this point it might be best to check Apple isn’t struggling again. You can also turn to alternative weather apps if you get fed up: one of the most acclaimed on iOS is Carrot Weather for its design and integration.

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