Security and some improvements for all our devices

Apple just released iOS 16.3 along with iPadOS 16.3, tvOS 16.3, watchOS 9.3 and macOS 13.2 with several new features and important security improvements. After last Tuesday’s news wave in the form of the new Mac mini M2 and MacBook Pro M2, Wednesday’s surprise in the form of a new HomePod, the discovery that our HomePod minis have a thermometer that we can now activate and the firmware update all AirPods, Apple has many more ready to release. One update for all your operating systems.

A small update, yes, but with some changes that we have been waiting for a long time and most importantly Improving the security of our data. An update that we can now download and install. Let’s check all the messages.

The first update of 2023 before spring

The list of news from iOS 16.3 and the rest of the news is mediocre, but also nothing we can ignore. On the iPhone and iPad, that gets us Security key holder, which allows us to use an extra layer of protection when we sign in with our Apple ID. On the iPhone we also find changes in the use of the SOS function.

Instead of starting the call after the end of the countdown while we hold down the appropriate buttons, it now waits for us to release it to start it. On the Apple Watch A new Unity sphere arrives, which translates to a dedicated wallpaper on iPhone. It is also on the iPhone that fixed a bug that could cause horizontal lines to appear on the iPhone 14 Pro Max screen.

Now on iPhone, iPad and Mac We can configure iCloud to use end-to-end encryption. This ensures that no one but us can access the information. While this encryption doesn’t cover mail, contacts, or calendars, since these services need to work with many third-party clients, it ensures that the rest of the information is completely invulnerable to attack, if any.

Fixes a bug on Mac that could cause you to turn off VoiceOver while typing. Fixes a bug that could be causing this on Mac as well as iPhone and iPad Some freeform strokes do not appear on shared whiteboards. Also fixed a bug that could cause the wallpaper on the lock screen to turn black or one that could cause widgets to not display home information correctly.

Apple updates the firmware of all AirPods: so we can check if we already have them installed

Minor updates, as I said, but this cover multiple fronts and pave the way for the arrival of iOS 16.4 during spring. Updates that we can now install on all our devices.

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