Rumor has it that they will arrive with several surprises in a few months

Evolution, especially in the technological field, is progressing faster than ever. If we’re still waiting for the first orders for the new Mac mini M2 and MacBook Pro M2, we know that Apple already has to develop the M3. What happens is this From the M2 to the M3 there will be a very substantial change in power and performance. We’re not talking about more cores, we’re talking about the arrival of three nanometers.

What also happened is that this M3 You will arrive quite earlier than you might expectWell, DigiTimes puts them in the second half of this year, in a few months. Some M3 that will arrive alongside a new MacBook Air that promises, among other things, more battery than we’ve ever seen in a laptop.

A few simple 3nm makes a big difference

When we talk about 5nm or 3nm, we are actually talking about the lithographic printing process of the chips. Very simply, if the printer has better quality and resolution, we can print smaller transistors, which we can think of as small letters, without blurring, connecting, or overlapping. The result of that is this a transistor goes from 5nm to 3nm.

Without getting into the marketing component of these measurements, reducing the size of the components has several implications. First, efficiency and speed improve because the electrical signals have fewer paths to travel. Second, we can reduce power consumption because the road is shorter. The third is that by reducing consumption and the distance traveled, less heat is generated. In other words, We have a faster and more efficient chip without changing anything but its size.

That’s the big leap the M3 will make with it Arrival of this MacBook Air in the second half of 2023. For all we know now, we could see them at WWDC or some special event this fall. Some computers that Apple may give enormous autonomy by reducing the size of the chips, or make them much more powerful by maintaining consumption and increasing the specifications of the chips while maintaining their size.

If we go a little further in time, Ming-Chi Kuo speaks to us already 2024 and the new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros coming with the M3 Pro and M3 Max. Some computers that will go into production in the first half of next year.

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What Apple is achieving with its own silicon is truly remarkable. Based on the work they’ve done since the first A-series chips in the iPhone 4, they’ve developed a scalability system that makes it relatively easy to balance power and performance, starting from a very well-designed base core. Now, with a better lithographic process, all your work will have even more rewards because We will enjoy even more powerful chips that consume even less.

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