Renting Apple tools to repair iPhone costs 60, but prepare another 1,250 euros

Just over a week ago, Apple offered us another way to fix our iPhone: it launched the self-repair program in several European countries, including Spain. A self-repair program accompanied by the Possibility to rent tools of the iPhone repair kit to complete it.

A few days ago we already talked about the tools, the shipping process and how interesting it was to invest in what is surely the best help we can get so that every repair is a complete success. But there is one detail that may have gone unnoticed and that we must take into account: the 1250 euros calculated at the time of ordering.

A guarantee in the form of an additional 1250 euros

The price of the tools that Apple provides us with to carry out the repair is more than reasonable. We have already seen in the full analysis that this is high quality material, so that goes without saying Apple wants to make sure it’s returned and that it’s returned in the same condition in which it was received. For this reason, the boxes in which the tools are shipped are sealed and must be resealed by us after unsealing and use before shipment.

This serves as a guarantee for that Nobody changed the contents of the boxes during transport and therefore allows the determination that if a tool is missing, either Apple or we are the person responsible for this missing. And that’s important because Apple is blocking the full amount of the toolkit on our card. An amount that is exactly 1250 euros and that we have to pay when ordering the tools.

We will see two charges on our credit card. On the one hand 59.95 euros, which represents the price of the service itself including shipping costs, on the other hand 1,250 euros. The latter after the seven-day rental period has expired and after Apple has checked the tools and their condition, will be refunded to our original method of payment.

Apple iPhone repair kit analysis: The best investment to make a repair go right

The truth is that it is a procedure like many others, without any real effort for us. However, it is true that this is a detail to take into account, especially not to be afraid when we see that the fee appears on the card. A guarantee that we will return the device and a reminder that it is of the best quality to ensure that the repair we carry out has the maximum guarantee.

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