Reality professionals now have two possible futures

The WWDC 2023 developer conference has already been confirmed, but we couldn’t even get 24 quiet hours as the rumors are already starting to derail the agenda. While Gurman only recently stated that we would finally see the Reality Pro viewer at this WWDC, Kuo now brings doubts to the table.

The analyst tweeted about Apple’s alleged decision to end mass production of this Reality Pro towards the end of Q3 2023. more towards September and not in July as originally planned. And that can lead to new delays in the agenda.

More doubts, more price and fewer units available

The reasons for this date change would stem from internal doubts by the company aiming for an “iPhone moment” with the Reality Pro, and it’s not entirely clear if such a thing will be achieved. Other sources have already spoken out about these doubts, which have caused disagreements even among managers.

The main consequence, according to Kuo, is that we may not get to see the goggles at WWDC 2023. And here comes the contradiction, because Gurman says we’ll see them on June 5th. We have a discrepancy.

There’s little we can do, but I’d bet on an announcement in June and definitely a delay in the final launch. The design of the invitation to WWDC 2023 mimics the reflection of the lenses of a virtual reality viewerand the Apple Music executive has said on his private Instagram that it will be “probably his biggest event” to be paired with one Story in which he simply shows the sunglasses emoji. Too suspicious to ignore:

wwdc 2023 stories steve locker

Kuo is also lowering his expectations for piece production: Of the 500,000 he expected, he thinks we’ll only see 200,000 or 300,000, and the price can even exceed $4,000. From a niche product to an almost exclusive product for a few enthusiasts and companies.

Apple is changing its plans with iOS 17. And that's very good news

The good news? It has already been confirmed that there are only 67 days left to clear up the doubts principle from June 5th. Of course, at Applesfera we offer you a live follow-up with all the details of the event and the news that comes out.

In Applesphere | I have attended the previous ones and I am convinced that this WWDC23 will be much more than Apple Reality Pro or iOS 17

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