“Do you hate freedom of speech?” Elon Musk throws a dart at Apple, accusing it of stopping advertising on Twitter

Bad times among CEOs. We spent several days telling how Elon Musk’s arrival on Twitter caused chaos in his offices, and one of the consequences this caused was the departure of many companies that advertised on the social network. Apparently, Apple may have been among the companies that decided to withdraw their advertising campaigns from … Read more

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How to calibrate Mac monitor for better performance

  Calibrating the Mac monitor or an external display is one of the most useful operations to always get the best possible quality. There are many products on the market that can help us, such as: B. the models Datacolor SpyderX Pro and Calibrite. Apple monitors, especially in recent years, leave the factory already precisely … Read more

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iPhone killer: Elon Musk threatens Apple and Google that he will make his smartphone

Whatever companies were trying to make their own smartphones right now, they either wanted to replicate Apple’s success or to further bind the audience to their services. These include Facebook, which is banned in Russia, and Kodak, and even Energizer. But each of these experiments invariably ended in failure. It was either a complete misunderstanding … Read more

Magic Keyboard Folio VS Logitech Combo Touch Keyboard for iPad 10: Features, Differences and Prices

The “simple” or input iPad was the last Apple tablet to keep the design with borders and the physical launch button from the catalog, but with the iPad 10 it’s been redesigned and added a USB-C port to accommodate it to resemble the rest of the company’s proposals. This update includes a unique keyboard that can only be used by this tablet, the Magic Keyboard Folio, with some cool features, but there are also alternatives like the Logitech Combo Touch. We put them face to face to get to know their characteristics in depth.

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How to transfer files from Mac to Android

Mac computers are among the most productive solutions on the market. Many users choose them for the perfect interaction of hardware and software. Through the purchase Apple Computersyou can rest assured that you are purchasing one of the best devices in its class. But the same is not true for iPhones. Many users therefore opt … Read more

Apple and Epic Systems are bringing electronic medical records to the Mac

Apple continues to push the healthcare industry forward thanks to an agreement with Epic Systems for a Mac-compatible version of its Medical Records app. As Axios reports, the deal will see Epic systems create a version of his medical records tool for macOS. sas.cmd.push(function () { sas.call(‘std’, { siteId: 285083, pageId: 1143483, formatId: 79610, tagId: … Read more

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