our ideas for setting up smart albums in photos

If you organize your photo library with the Photos app, be it with iCloud or not, you know that you can get carried away by the moments when your picture collection is automatically organized or, on the other hand, you can create your own albums to put everything on Classify your own way.

What is often forgotten is that there is a third possibility: smart albums. And thanks to them we can add a new level of organization that will allow us to consult our collection much more easily. Let’s see some examples of what these albums are capable of.

How to create a Smart Album

Unfortunately, we can’t create a Smart Album on iOS or iPadOS: you absolutely must be using macOS. So if you have a Mac, open Photos on it and go to the menu File > New Smart Album:

Smart photo album mac

A window will appear where you can choose any filters you want for the album, using the metadata of the photo itself as variables, e.g. B. the date taken or the type of photo:

Smart Album Photos 2

Some useful smart album ideas

Album photos without icloud apple mac

If you suspect that syncing photos to iCloud hasn’t been done properly, you can mount this album so you know instantly what items in your photo library are waiting to be uploaded to the cloud.

Album bursts photos mac

Are you one of those people who accidentally take bursts of photos and think they take up a lot of storage space? With this smart album you can find and clean all series in photo library so that you only have one photo.

Photo album per mac

Editing photos in uncompressed formats? By creating this smart album, you can see all photos in these formats and discard all JPG and videos in MOV or MP4.

Album camera photos mac

If you are someone who uses the iPhone but also takes photos with a digital camera, you can use this smart album to filter all the photos taken with that camera. Just add the camera name and model appropriately in the “Camera Model” filter.

Photo album people together

This album with two filters allows us to see only the photos where two people are dating. The photos in which only one of these two people can be seen will be discarded because if you are careful, I ask you to show me only the images that meet all the filters.

photos location

Finally, a trick that will allow us to create smart albums taking into account the location of the photo. There is no special filter for this, but you can combine those in the shot to be able to load the locations with the sites you want.

iOS 16 has an unexpected trick in Photos.  So we can benefit from that

The best is that You can combine these ideas in any way you like, creating smart albums that adapt to what you need to see. A quick example: “Photos taken with the Canon EOS 5D and in Berlin showing my wife and daughter together.” It’s just a matter of putting together all the filters involved that you’ve seen.

image | Soragrit Wongsa

Source : www.applesfera.com