One mom sees firsthand the dangers of neglecting in-app purchases on the App Store

There are safeguards to avoid these inconveniences, but that doesn’t mean that there are still instances of financial disasters caused by built-in App Store purchases. And if not, tell Georgina Munday, a mum who had the scare of the year on her iPad.

Georgina, who lives very close to the city of Liverpool and works as a nurse, thought someone had accessed her bank card when she saw it a series of charges totaling £2,500 which she failed to bring forward. With all the attempts, it wouldn’t have been strange phishing that both of them are walking around relaxed these days. However, the root of the problem was with his daughter and the App Store.

All protections are low if someone gets the password

What happened was that his 10-year-old daughter, who has autism, managed to change her Apple ID password so she could accept in-app purchases on the iPad she was playing Roblox on. What followed was a spate of in-app purchases averaging around £20 each, ending up at around €2,900.

The mother spent several days talking to Apple and her bank to discuss what had happened and attempted to reverse those payments. Apple’s response was that Airtime parental controls should have been activated, and the bank refused to cancel the process because the person who made the payments was his daughter and not someone with fraudulent intent .

The solution came when Georgina took the desperate measure of speaking to the BBC, specifically the program You and Yours, so they could broadcast what had happened. As soon as it became known The bank reassessed the situation and within 24 hours the card charges were reversed. The relief was so great that Georgina even burst into tears as she lifted the burden from her shoulders. The economic situation was not at all favorable for this mishap and one would have had to take out a bank loan in order to be able to raise the almost 3,000 euros.

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Apple was contacted by the BBC and one of their spokespersons made it clear that if you let your child play with a device, you must use additional safeguards such as Face ID to authorize the purchase and under no circumstances let them know about any of the device passwords. Now Georgina has already assured that she will no longer let her daughter play unsupervised as before.

Those of you whose sons or daughters play Roblox should know that the game also has the ability to apply its own parental controls.

image | Emily Wade

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