no, Bizum is not one of them

If there is anything in quantity in our iPhone, they are payment methods. Bizum, bank transfer services… digital payment is already the order of the day and has become so established in our everyday lives that it is hard to imagine life without it. But like WhatsApp and messaging, Sometimes the most used payment methods are not the best.

When we talk about mobile payments, the first thing we have to talk about is security, and Apple has its opinion on what are the safest methods to make payments from iPhone. Let’s see what methods are active in Spain.

All payment methods that Apple can integrate with its user accounts

Apple has a full list of payment methods, broken down by compatibility between countries, that have something in common that gives them more security and simplicity: Integration with your Apple ID and its logs. On Spanish territory we have five:

The first is obviously the one Apple promotes the most: Apple Pay. It accepts most cards and is anonymous, making it the safest method to use on your iPhone.

Right now we can use it to make purchases, but soon we could use it to defer payments for the same purchases or send money to others with Apple Cash. It’s just rumors for now, but who knows if we’ll see it in a few weeks.

Apple also mentions those debit and credit cards even without integration into Apple Pay: We lose anonymity, but continue to use a system backed by a bank. For example, you can register one of these cards to pay for your Apple subscriptions or App Store purchases.

Some banks offer virtual bank cards, and Apple accepts them on its devices and services

Here we can also include the virtual cards that some banks offer as alternative methods: they are not physical cards that we can keep in our wallet, but they behave like any bank card. They are particularly safe for online purchases.

There is a special method for those who want to give Apple the minimum amount of data: Cards with credit. It’s more work, but it’s completely anonymous: we purchase cards with a balance that we put in our Apple ID, and we fill it in as needed. You can find these credit cards at many electronics stores, malls, and Apple Stores and retailers.

PayPal is another interesting payment method that you can integrate with your Apple ID, as it hides all your banking details (cards and/or accounts) under one email address. Whoever charges you can only know this email address, nothing more.

Last but not least, you can reduce the hassle and delegate all the payments you make using your Apple account on the bill from your telephone provider. In Spain you can do this if you are an Orange, Movistar or Vodafone customer; and thus avoid providing further payment data. The operator takes care of everything.

Apple Pay Later will transform the company into something we never thought possible: a bank

We’re not saying that other payment methods are less secure, but we do mean that with the ones Apple mentions in this list, we’ve managed to integrate with their security systems. And anyone who has ever had problems with an online payment knows that taking precautions is not enough.

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