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macOS 14 is expected to be presented at the next WWDC23, which has already been announced for June 5th and promises news such as iOS 17, iPadOS and maybe even the expected virtual reality helmet. This version of macOS will be very importantWell, it will certainly be the one that comes standard in the next Mac Pro with Apple Silicon.

Next we will tell you everything we know about this next version macOS to give you a good idea of ​​what we’ll be seeing in the June keynote.

How do I install macOS 14?

One of the questions most people ask when Apple announces a new operating system is how it will be installed. The process is simple: once Apple announces macOS 14 at WWDC23, those from Cupertino will relent a date from which it will be available to everyone. It usually coincides in the fall, although that can change.

Once it arrives and there hasn’t been any delay, it’s enough to proceed a very simple guide:

  1. Check if your Mac is compatible. To do this, you just have to check if your model appears on the list that Cupertino will publish once macOS 14 is announced.
  2. If your Mac is compatible, go to system settingsGenerallySoftware update. There you will have to wait for the new update to appear and when you have it, just follow the steps on the screen.

Our recommendation is that you back up beforehand in case there is a problem (which usually isn’t the case) and that not update when it becomes available. It will try many people at the same time, and it will be very slow, it’s better to wait for a while and have less downtime on your Mac.

What news will there be?

Side view of a 13 inch MacBook Pro"

The truth is that Almost nothing has leaked from macOS this year. That could mean two things: it could be such a small update that not nothing was leaked, but that nothing was leaked. Or on the other hand, that the update will bring something so big that Apple wanted to avoid leaks at all costs. To surprise and such.

The only rumor we’ve heard regarding macOS 14 this year has to do with its alleged compatibility with iPad Pros with the M2 chip. A Twitter leaker told his followers that he was aware Apple would create something macOS versions for iPad ProThe could arrive with the launch of this new version in June.

What will the final name be?

The name of the macOS versions in recent years used to be an iconic place in California. Each year Apple picks a different one, and it’s a very good way to promote the state. This name is one of the issues best protected from leaks. Apple uses shell companies to register them, and while they sometimes leak, they often don’t match.

Last year there was talk that macOS could be called 13 Mammoth, something that eventually didn’t happen. This rumor spread after one of Apple’s shell companies caught it. Could it be that this is the name of the next macOS? Nobody knows, that’s for sure, but it’s plausible. Other options would be Sequoia, Sonoma, or Redwood. They are also names registered by Cupertino shell companies that have never been used.

Which devices will be compatible with macOS 14?

Photo of MacBook Air M2

Apple will release a list of compatible devices for macOS 14 as soon as it is announced. However, there are some things that help us to get an idea of ​​what to expect. The current version, macOS Ventura, dropped support for Macs released between 2014 and 2016.

Apple tends to balance somewhat with its releases. That means if several Macs lose support in one year, the following year Cupertino’s will try to make them fewer to create some balance. While it turns out that there aren’t many new features coming this year, it’s conceivable that not that many Macs will be left out. It is even possible that none are left.

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