My Mac’s life-saving shortcut for closing unresponsive applications (thus preventing them from using up more RAM)

The applications that we run on our Macs consume two key elements, so to speak. On the one hand computing power in the processor and on the other hand RAM memory. It’s in that RAM where store the information they need to function. Something we need to keep an eye on.

Much has been written about RAM and its management. What if it’s empty, what if all applications close as soon as we stop using them? The best recommendation, however, is Let the system take care of everything. RAM is there to be used, and as soon as we run out of storage space, the system deletes the nonessentials to make room. So, considering the priority of the processes, we must always have RAM available.

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Unused RAM is wasted RAM.. The system relies on offering us speed, so in general we don’t have to take care of it manually. However, it is true that some applications, generally due to bugs in their operation, saturate the computer’s RAM memory. When a used application saves and saves and saves, the system cannot opt ​​for a deletion because, as we said, a used application has priority, which leaves the application – and in some cases the device – without a response.

Here the key is to close the application that is not responding. Something as simple as walking to that little life-saving shortcut we know Command (⌘) + Option (⌥) + Esc. After pressing these three keys, a small dialog box will appear with a list of all open applications. Here, forcing those who aren’t responding to quit is as simple as selecting the app in question and then tapping it force exit.

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Back then the The system stops all application processes and clears the used memory. Immediately after this, in most cases, we can reopen the application and check that it is working correctly.

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As we have already said, this situation is not common, but it is very uncomfortable when it occurs. Fortunately, as with our Apple Watch, a quick course correction to continue using the application is a matter of a simple shortcut and a few seconds.

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