My Citizen Folder is a blessing, but installing Autofirma on my iPhone is still a mission impossible

If at any point in your life you’ve had to file your income tax return or have started your own business, you surely want a special place in the seventh circle of hell for those responsible for user experience, be it web or mobile applications.

But let’s say it all: we’re so used to the lousy quality of Spanish government apps that the Mi Carta Ciudadana app was a breath of fresh air. Finally an application that works and has a minimally intuitive interface. What remains to be done now is Apply what you learn to the rest of the procedures.

At the certificate level, iOS has already done its job: installing a digital certificate on iPhone isn’t as difficult as it used to be. The problem lies with the websites, applications and services that we can use around this digital certificate. Running the income statement from iPhone is a suicide mission for our eye health. Calculating personal income tax requires tricks that ordinary users shouldn’t worry about.

Signing with the iPhone digital certificate is possible, but not with the PDF documents that we are sometimes asked to sign. There’s an app called Autofirma (available for free on the App Store) that theoretically lets us do this, but it works erratically and is full of bad reviews.

We tried to create tutorials to use Autofirma or the DNIe from the iPhone: it was too difficult for us

And there’s a reason why Applesfera doesn’t have a tutorial on how to use Electronic ID on Mac or iPhone: Nobody on the team could find a way to achieve this that works properly. Those aren’t the best feelings when it comes to conducting court cases with a state or local government.

This is exactly why the My Citizens Folder app is so successful: because it is so good that it doesn’t look like it was made by the state. That governs who governs it must leave its mark and ensure that this quality will also exist in the other processes in the future.

How to digitally sign documents on iPhone or Mac without a printer

So from here I send the message to the administration: I hope they will know what has been achieved with My Citizen Folder and little by little we will achieve the same user experience in the rest of the procedures. We save ourselves complications and absurd consultations, and the most important thing: We will save time. Both the administration itself and the public.

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