Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson discover they could be blood brothers as they film their new comedy exclusive for Apple TV+

This story really is insane. This was announced a few weeks ago Apple TV+ has cast Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson in a new comedy of another mother’. Showrunner is none other than David West Read, responsible for The Big Door Prize, one of the best series on the platform.

Great news for them We enjoyed watching them collaborate on True Detective a decade ago. or some of their many collaborations together on television. The amazing thing about all of this is that they’ve spent so much time together that they connect the dots and agree that maybe it’s possible they’re both blood brothers.

A series of wild coincidences

Harreson and McConaughey’s friendship extends well beyond the screen. For example, McConaughey’s children call Harreson “Uncle Woody” and vice versa. They go on vacation together and have been celebrating family reunions as if they were a real family for years. The surprise came when between laughter It was noted that this could be more than camaraderie between colleagues.

It all started in Greece a few years ago. The two families were chatting about how connected they were and how well they got along, and then McConaughey’s mother suddenly jumped up and said, “Woody, I met your father.” That set off everyone’s alarms. From here, McConaughey continued to research and reminisce by doing some calculations. Receipts, matching dates, meetings… the more dates, the more matches.

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From Variety, they even insinuate if this strange link could be directly related to the new Apple TV+ comedy. It’s not for nothing that the production is called “Brother From Another Mother”.. And that brother from another mother could be McConaughey himself. What is certain is that a DNA test would enlighten them, but for that they would have to accept other truths, such as that Harrelson’s father has been lying to him for 53 years.

McConaughey and Woody Harrelson

It’s also true that Woody’s father’s life is for the book: in 1979 he was arrested for the murder of a Texas judge and some theories even link him to the murder of Jonny F. Kennedy. for more inri, Woody will play a patriarch who lives on a ranch with McConaughey in Texas, the same Texas that McConaughey’s mother and Harrelson’s father could have lived in if they lived together. Identical or not, the story they film rhymes with the one they dig up from their strange past. A crazy story full of coincidences that leaves the theory linking the inventor of Bitcoin to Steve Jobs still in its infancy.

It should be noted that This new comedy for Apple TV+ is produced by the actors themselvesin addition to other executive producers such as David Ellison, Dana Goldberg and Matt Thunell, and will have a release date to be confirmed later in 2023.

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