macOS menu bar anywhere on the screen is possible with this app

The menu bar is a fundamental element in the Mac operating system and has been a trademark since NeXTSTEP. Located at the top of the screen, it gives access to all the options and tools available in the system. From the menu bar we can Access to application options, system settings, file actions and folders and much more.

The top position is the most common on most operating systems because it allows easy access to all available options and tools. However, with a little practice it is possible Change the position of the menu bar to other places. Useful when we prefer a different distribution of elements on the screen or want to adapt to a specific screen configuration.

An unusual adjustment, but very useful with multiple monitors

Changing the position of the menu bar on Mac requires the use of the Menuwhere app, a play on words between “menu” and “anywhere” (anywhere) and, as the name suggests, allows us a very interesting customization. The menu bar is still there at the top, yes, but Simplified access expands options that we need to access this important part of the system.

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To run much like a context menu would, Menuwhere allows us to configure a keyboard and mouse shortcut key so that exactly where we are, all the menus appear. We can customize the keyboard shortcut we need, and this is just the beginning of customization.

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We can hide some menus, e.g. B. the help menu, hide the unavailable options to reduce the number of items, and also configure both the size and color scheme of the menu. We can even, if we prefer, see the menu of all the applications open on the Mac in just one at any time.

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Keep everything organized and tidy with you the tree structure that we already know from other menus and submenus, the truth is that Menuwhere’s proposal is quite surprising. A proposal that, depending on the configuration of the monitors we use – both in quantity and size – becomes much more interesting than it might seem with a single screen.

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It is clear that power Adjusting our workflows on the Mac is crucial to maintain our productivity. It’s true that moving the menu bar isn’t the most common option, but it can come in handy in more than one situation. Thankfully, thanks to apps like Menuwhere, it’s really easy.

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