iPhone says: This Apple ID has not yet been used in the iTunes Store. What to do

iPhone is widely considered to be one of the best smartphones based on applications. App Store moderators filter out inappropriate programs and those that threaten user safety. However, if you use the App Store, you need an Apple ID account: sometimes it just doesn’t work for some reason, which is why iPhone apps not loading. The problem is not widespread, but sometimes even experienced users don’t know what to do. Fix it though inactive Apple ID quite easy. We’ll tell you what to do.

Why Apple ID is not active

As mentioned above, problems with the fact that the Apple ID is not active sometimes baffle even experienced iOS users. A similar problem is common among users who have not used Apple ID for a long time.

When I tried to download the application I got the message “This Apple ID has not yet been used in iTunes”, and at the bottom there were two buttons – “Cancel” and “Show”. If you click on the second, it will immediately take you to the iTunes authorization page, where you will need to enter your Apple ID login and password, after which the system will return to the App Store with the same error. There are only two reasons for this.

  • You created an Apple ID account a long time ago and used it first and then abandoned it for a long time. For example, if you switched your iPhone to an Android smartphone.
  • The Apple ID was created relatively recently (no more than 6 months ago), but it has never been used or fully configured.

The first problem can also appear due to the fact that since the last activity of the account App Store license agreement changed. Yes, yes, the ones nobody reads when activating the iPhone.

To accept it, just wait for a message to appear after the Apple ID is inactive: A “Terms and Conditions” push will appear on the screen – you just have to click “Accept”. If the message suddenly doesn’t appear, you can try going to Settings in your Apple ID at the top of the screen – it should appear immediately.

Cannot download app on iPhone

In the second case, everything is a little more complicated: the notification often appears for new users. In order to be able to use the applications, you must enter your data into the system. This includes first name, last name, region, phone number, and other fields marked with an asterisk. Besides, you need Add credit card information to the Apple ID – for the system to verify that you are over 18, or choose another payment method for the App Store.

If you try to view the message, the system will return to data entry

Unfortunately, without them, you cannot download applications – this greatly complicates the use of a smartphone, because on the same Android you can do without all this data and safely download the application. Please note that you must provide an active email address – there will be a registration confirmation letter. If suddenly it is not there, you will have to repeat the request after 15 minutes.

If you have already performed all these manipulations, then a message will still appear on the screen stating this This Apple ID has not yet been used in iTunes just try signing out of your account, restarting your iPhone and signing in to your Apple ID again.

Why can’t I sign in to my Apple ID

Rarely but sometimes Apple ID issues occur due to incorrect account information. For example, you may have an old iPhone at home that you haven’t used in a while and it even has your Apple ID on it. What can go wrong?

Why can’t I sign in to my Apple ID yet?

  • Your Apple ID password has changed, so you need to update it. If you don’t remember, you can always use the Forgot Password button to recover it.
  • The device does not connect to the iCloud server where all user data is stored. Check your internet connection while also checking the Apple services status page.
  • Check your date and time settings. Due to this, not only the Apple ID can stop working, but also applications like Safari.

Please note that you can safely use applications on your iPhone without an Apple ID. The problem occurs when you try to update them or download new ones – then you have to Restore access to Apple ID.

As you can see, mostly inactive Apple ID message occurs when you haven’t entered your payment information or haven’t used your account for a long time – you just need to update it and accept the new license agreement.

Source : appleinsider.ru