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The iPhone 16 It’s already taking shape in the Cupertino labs. While we focus on current models, Apple is already working on the following ones. In this case the iPhone, which if everything goes according to plan, will be presented in September 2024.

At the moment we know little about these new iPhones, however The first rumors are already appearing. Rumors that tell us about design changes, advantages and in general that this iPhone generation can surprise us with several changes. Let’s review everything we know.

What design will the iPhone 16 have?

We hope that iPhone 16 inherit the design of the iPhone 15, which is currently still in the form of rumors. We think its trailing edge could be rounded off a bit, perhaps to improve grip and also as a result of a material change.

As we know, the iPhone 16 would have a titanium frame, which could match the concepts of an iPhone 15 Ultra. Likewise, we hope that this design keep the haptic buttons of the iPhone 15 and keep the USB-C connector that would have been released in the previous generation, although we can’t rule out a connectorless iPhone either.

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The most noticeable change in design will be in the front, where the dynamic island would disappear by being able to integrate Face ID under the screen. According to rumors from Ross Young, Apple would keep the camera hole on the screen, but the rest of the hardware for our identification would disappear from sight.

WhatHow many iPhone 16 models are we expecting?

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As models we expect an iPhone 16, an iPhone 16 Max, but initially with a larger screen size, an iPhone 16 Pro and a 16 Pro Max, which could also be called the iPhone 16 Ultra. In total four models with sizes of 6.1″ for the smallest and 6.7″ for the largest.

What features will the iPhone 16 have?

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It’s too early to talk about benefits themselves. What we do know is that if all goes as planned, the iPhone 16 will have an A18 Bionic. A chip that, as far as we know, is manufactured in a 3nm processdesigned to further reduce the terminal’s energy consumption.

Assuming that the iPhone 16s keeps the same battery type and configuration, the efficiency of the chip improves should represent an increase in autonomy by at least 25% compared to the iPhone 14. A more than significant improvement that, when accompanied by slightly larger batteries, can make a big difference.

What price will the iPhone 16 have?

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We expect a slight price increase for the iPhone 15. On the other hand, some rumors announce a price reduction of at least $100. Furthermore, we are still too many months away to make an assessment. Many variables play a rolelike the euro-dollar parity and also inflation.

As an orientation, we would have to think about prices just over 1000 euros for the basic iPhone 16 and from 1300 euros for the Pro and Pro Max models.

When is the iPhone 16s coming out?

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We expect Apple to introduce the iPhone 16 in a special event in September 2024. If we follow the usual calendar, the presentation would be the second week of the month. After that, the following Friday, reservations would open and it would hit stores and customers in another week.

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there is still a long way to go so that we have a clear picture of the iPhone 16, but little by little more rumors and leaks are giving them shape. We are, yes, facing a generation that can undoubtedly surprise us.

Source : www.applesfera.com