iPhone 14 is no longer needed. Why Russia stopped buying iPhones

OUT iPhone 14 release dates More than 2 months have already passed, and this period makes it possible to assess the dynamics of sales of new generation devices. The Izvestia edition surveyed retailers and found this out Buy iPhone 14 In 2022, 2.5 times fewer people chose the iPhone 13 than a year earlier. We tell you what caused such a noticeable drop in demand and if there’s a connection between the modest sales momentum new iPhone in Russia and strikes at the Foxconn plant.

iPhone 14 is no longer needed.  Why Russia stopped buying iPhones.  Despite the delivery difficulties, the iPhone 14 is available in Russia, but almost nobody buys it.  A photo.

Despite delivery difficulties, the iPhone 14 is in stock in Russia, but almost nobody buys it

Sale of iPhone 14 in Russia

Dates from Izvestia that autumn Demand for iPhone 14 in Russia very low compared to same period last year, inconsistent with pre-order statistics. Let me remind you that major retailers reported unprecedented popularity in September new Apple productsand sources in MTS proudly reported a 2.5X increase in iPhone 14 sales compared to Preorder iPhone 13.

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But after the devices went on official sale, the picture changed radically. Now, among mobile operators, two Izvestia sources are noting a 2.5-fold drop in demand, and Marvel Distribution, a major supplier of Apple devices, has been saying the same since Launch of the iPhone 14 managed to sell 400,000 new iPhones, down 60% year-on-year.

Sale of iPhone 14 in Russia.  Seller data is not a fairy tale, but it needs to be properly perceived.  A photo.

Seller data is not a fairy tale, but it needs to be properly perceived

Additionally, a source at the same company notes an overall drop in demand for all Apple smartphones in the period from January to November. According to Marvel Distribution, 2.96 million iPhones were sold during this period (down 35.2% compared to the previous year). Tele2 doesn’t deliver quite as depressing numbers: In 2022, sales fell by 17%.

Anyway, fall Popularity of Apple there is, and there are several reasons for this:

  • Apple Pay in Russia. In 2022, many contactless payment services stopped working in our country. But if there is an alternative to Mir Pay on Android, then iPhone owners will have to stop using NFC to pay for purchases altogether. There were also difficulties when replenishing the account in Apple ID.
  • iPhone 14 warranty in Russia. Since deliveries of new iPhones to Russia are carried out according to the parallel import scheme, Apple does not give an official guarantee. The seller guarantee still stands, but fewer people trust it.
  • What’s new in iPhone 14. The base and Plus versions get last year’s Apple A15 Bionic processor, while the main camera and design changes are limited to the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max. Why buy a new smartphone when it’s almost the same as the old one?
  • iPhone 14 price. Compared to the previous generation, the cost of the new iPhone in Russia has increased (84,990 rubles instead of 79,990 rubles for the iPhone 13).

This is the Izvestia experts’ explanation for the low demand. But frankly, with the exception of the first thesis, all the other points don’t look convincing. Maybe someone will decide to agree iPhone 14 price turned out to be too high, but it is not.

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How much does the iphone 14 cost

How much does the iPhone 14 cost? Since the release, the iPhone 14 has fallen sharply in price.  A photo.

Since the release, the iPhone 14 has fallen sharply in price

is 84,990₽ iPhone 14 price in the 128 GB version, which was offered by large retail chains (M.Video, DNS, etc.) at the time it went on sale. Until the beginning of winter in the same M.Video iPhone 14 cost is already 75,990 ₽, and in many stores this smartphone can be bought for less than 60,000 rubles:

The market has done its job. The basic versions, which have received the fewest innovations compared to last year’s smartphones, fell the most in terms of price. But now the new Don’t buy iPhone 13 cheaper than 53,000 rubles, and the iPhone 13 Pro costs at least 80,000 rubles. According to experts, in 2022 Russians will increasingly choose cheap devices or refuse to buy them at all Apple flagships.

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Apple factory in China – what happened

Apple factory in China - what happened.  Apple has problems: iPhone production can be stopped due to quarantine at Foxconn.  A photo.

Apple has problems: iPhone production can be stopped due to quarantine at Foxconn

Mass strikes by workers at the Chinese factory Foxconn became known in November, Where are iPhones made?. We talked about this situation in more detail last week, and now it’s worth clarifying that the riots in Zhengzhou have not caused any difficulties so far iPhone 14 deliveries to Russia. According to the same Izvestia source in Marvel Distribution, supply in our country exceeds demand. So, due to declining sales, a stock of iPhones has built up Buying a smartphone for the New Year there shouldn’t be any problems.

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In other countries the situation is reversed. According to Bloomberg, Apple has already missed 6 million iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max smartphones, which could theoretically result in a shortage of mobile devices on store shelves in the US, Europe and the Middle East on the eve of the Christmas holiday. If in the near future the situation with Production of Apple smartphones will not work, we could face similar difficulties. However, with the demand now, don’t worry too much.