iOS 16.4 is just around the corner and it will bring these seven new features to our iPhone

At the last WWDC, Apple announced a whole host of new features for iOS 16 and the rest of the operating systems. Many of these novelties came on launch day, some others came in iOS 16.2, others in the recently launched iOS 16.3 and Many more are coming soon with iOS 16.4which is just around the corner.

When Apple releases the stable version of a minor operating system update, accompanies it a few days after the beta of the next version. Following this logic and after the official launch of iOS 16.3, the first beta of iOS 16.4 should be upon us. And the official version a few weeks later. And this is the candidate version, which has a lot of news.

Seven small big changes

Although that’s true We don’t yet know exactly which of the novelties announced for 2023 will appear In the early betas of iOS 16.4, the list is substantial. And it goes well beyond the small details, as it focuses on very relevant changes. Without further ado, let’s review the list:

  • Safari push notifications on iPhone and iPad: We’re used to getting them on Mac, but with an update to iOS 16, website notifications will reach iPhone and iPad as well. A functionality that was previously reserved for apps and will also reach the Internet.
  • New CarPlay: With a design based on a large screen on the vehicle’s dashboard that allows us to customize the information we want to see. A vehicle tailored to our needs thanks to our iPhone that, as far as we know, will reach the vehicles of Acura, Audi, Ford, Honda, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Porsche, Volvo and others.
  • Apple Pay later: a function that allows us to make the payment of an amount in Apple Pay in four installments. A way to blur specific costs that, as far as we know, will arrive in the United States first before being extended to other countries.
  • New architecture for the Casa app: one that should have already arrived with iOS 16.3, but that has been delayed to polish some details. The first beta of iOS 16.4 will confirm if this new architecture, which will improve HomeKit reliability and speed, will arrive soon.
  • Apple Card Savings Account: the closest thing to a bank account, but from Apple. An account where you can receive transfers, store Apple Card rewards, and manage our money, which should be arriving sooner rather than later. A feature that will be rolled out first in the United States before expanding to other countries.
  • Satellite emergency calls in more countries: The iPhone 14’s ability to make emergency calls via satellite links should be expanded to more countries soon. A feature that launched in the United States and Canada last November and expanded to France, Germany, Ireland and the United Kingdom with iOS 16.2.
  • Check messages in iMessage: a function that allows us to check if it’s safe to talk to the person we’re talking to through the Messages app. A device integrity check and a notification that a suspicious device has been added to the conversation gives us more guarantees.

Before we finish, but without adding it to the list, we must Quick Comment Apple Classical, the classical music application that would accompany Apple Music with more information and details about this music genre. An application that should arrive soon, although we don’t know when.

Apple launches iOS 16.3 and the rest of the systems: security and improvements for all our devices

A considerable list, as we can see, of seven features – eight if we count Apple Classical – that will change things a lot in iOS. It is true that many of them will arrive outside of Spain first, but others will enjoy a worldwide launch. And one that, as far as we know must be pretty close.

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