iOS 16.3 can give this error: luckily there is a solution

You want other operating systems to run with the same fluidity and power as iOS. And still, iOS has bug from time to time. No software escapes him, as reminded that some users are experiencing some strange situations in iOS 16.3. Some situations that fortunately have a very simple solution.

On the one hand, it is said that it is possible Disable iCloud backup, on the other hand, a bug in HomeKit that can work unreliably with some pretty peculiar router configurations. Both situations with a fairly simple solution.

A few strange situations that have their explanation

We have no idea how many users may be affected by these situations. Although we will be talking about 0.1% given the number of devices Apple has, the numbers would be significant. In the first case, that of backup copies in iCloud, The explanation and solution is really simple.

In iOS 16.3 to be able to Backup copies in iCloud it is necessary that two-factor authentication is activated for our Apple ID. So, after installing iOS 16.3, if we open the app Ideaswe enter our name, we continue touching iCloud and we check if the copies are disabled, we need to enable the 2FA.

All we have to do is go back to the settings of our Apple ID (our name) and tap password and security and follow the steps in it Two-Factor Authentication to activate it. Then we can go back to iCloud settings Enable cloud backup.

Homekit logo1

The situation of the Casa app and the HomeKit ecosystem is a little more peculiar. Apparently, some users are seeing certain home automation devices not responding as quickly as they should, or directly displaying an error. The situation seems pretty intermittent huh leads us to an unconventional solution.

As nhmerino writes on Reddit, the best solution is to avoid networks with double NATs. NAT, which we translate as Network Address Translation, is a mechanism used by routers to exchange packets between two networks that assign mutually incompatible addresses. In a network configuration where If there is more than one router, double NAT can cause HomeKit requests to be lost. The best thing here is if we use our own router alongside the operator’s, disable the NAT in the operator’s router and let our router do the work.

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While these solutions fix the situation temporarily, hopefully in a future software update Apple will clarify the need to enable two-factor authentication for iCloud copies and update the Home app architecture to be more reliable and faster. As long as we have resources.

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