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We’re a couple of weeks away from seeing news across Apple’s operating systems, and one of those systems will be watchOS 10. Ten versions of this operating system for Apple Watch have been completed with news mainly driven by the sensors of subsequent generations , but this year everything can change.

There’s reason to believe that watchOS 10 will be a long-awaited update, perhaps on par with iOS 17. Rumors are piling up as June 5 approaches, so here’s a rundown of what’s next. everything we know so far about watchOS 10.

What’s new in watchOS 10?

At the moment there is no concrete data on the news, but the rumors have become interesting. Mark Gurman has stated that it will be “the biggest update to watchOS since its launch” in 2015, with changes that “we will welcome”.

The best thing Gurman refines is we’ll see a revised system interface and with “major improvements”. We can bet on new spheres and, if we are very optimistic, on new ways of navigating between the system and the applications.

There are bets (which there are no sources on) also that watchOS could be the first Apple Watch operating system to stop dependent on iOS and be able to work independently. And of course, it’s possible that the end of App Store exclusivity also means there are applications for watchOS beyond that store.

What models will watchOS 10 be compatible with?

There is no official data yet, but when watchOS 10 presents a new design in its user interface, it may contain a list of compatible devices. Nothing has been leaked, but there may be compatibility concerns for what are currently the oldest watches with watchOS 9 support: the Apple Watch Series 4 and Apple Watch Series 5. We’ll see if they save or not.

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When can we update to watchOS 10?

If you have a developer account and are willing to take the risk, you can install watchOS 10 in beta form as soon as it’s announced at the developer conference in June this year. You can also install the public beta without a developer account.

On the other hand, if you’d rather wait for the final watchOS 10 release, it will be available sometime in mid to late September, barring any unexpected schedule changes.

When will watchOS 10 arrive in Spain?

Watcho's 9 apple

watchOS 10 will be unveiled on June 5th at the principle of the already confirmed WWDC 2023. Developers will most likely be able to install the first beta of watchOS 10 on the same day, with several more preview versions rolling out over the summer.

will be on September, along with the release of iOS 17 when watchOS 10 becomes available to everyone in its final and stable version. This launch will also be linked to that of the hypothetical Apple Watch Series 9.

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