In just four days, WhatsApp will no longer be compatible with these iPhones

although inside Many countries in the world of WhatsApp are not even known, here in Spain it seems to be on every possible phone. And that’s exactly why we’re closer to the news that Facebook will stop supporting new iPhones in exactly four days. A decision that has already been announced in the past and that should be well remembered.

As of December 31st Facebook is ending iOS 10 support on WhatsApp. This means that iPhones that are still running that version of the operating system and cannot be upgraded to a newer version will lose access to the application. A change that actually doesn’t just affect the iPhone, as there are actually 49 phone models that can no longer use Zuckerberg’s messaging.

Leave old systems behind in favor of innovations

And on which iPhones does iOS 10 still run? Are two: iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C. Both were presented in September 2012, just over 10 years ago. Which, to a large extent, justifies them no longer receiving messages from Facebook, although that needs to be taken into account anyway.

It’s far from ideal, but it has to be possible in these iPhones Keep accessing WhatsApp over the web. It is true that the notification system is very different, but as it is possible to access WhatsApp over the Internet on Mac, this is a resource for those phones that, for whatever reason, cannot be replaced.

We don’t know exactly how many more WhatsApp users will be on an iPhone 5 or iPhone 5c, but we have some related numbers. A few months ago, according to Apple itself, of the total number of users who regularly access the App Store, 7% did it with iOS 13 or earlier. Information that must undoubtedly be related to WhatsApp supporting iOS 12 and higher.

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Although the most critical of the Facebook platforms of the time were quick to say that no matter how much WhatsApp leaves behind old operating systems, the messages that arrive are meager, it is true that being able to develop only for the latest systems is a great advantage . A benefit that translates into better security, more processing power, memory management, and other variables that allow developers to take advantage of these benefits, offer us other useful applications. We’ll see if Facebook has any improvements in mind while we wait for their apps to hit the iPad.

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