In 2022 Apple discontinued these 5 great products, but we expect another 5 new surprises in 2023

Now that the year is drawing to a close and we have our sights set on a great 2023, it’s time to take stock. From Apple’s perspective, many trade-offs can be made and with many approaches I propose the following: five products that said goodbye to us in 2022 and five that will arrive in 2023.

It is true that when we talk about 2023 we are talking about rumors while when we are talking about 2022 we carry certainties with us, but it can also be a good imagination. One to see transitions in perspective, understand some and ask questions about others.

Endings and new beginnings on multiple fronts

In no particular order, let’s start the list for 2023 with that Disappearance of the Apple Watch Series 3. An Apple Watch that was offered as an option for those who wanted to enter this part of the Apple ecosystem at the lowest possible price, but left too much behind the development of both the other models and the operating system.

A similar thing happened with the iPod touch. A product that, although its definitive disappearance has been declared in 2022, It went years without attention. However, the gesture is a kind of declaration of intent from Apple and the conclusion of a very special time for the company.

secretly, We also had to say goodbye to the 27-inch iMac. An iMac that many all-in-one computer enthusiasts await for its triumphant return. At the moment we have the 14-inch iMac with M1 with us.

Next on the list is the iPhone 11, an iPhone that left the catalog with the presentation of the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro, leaving the iPhone 12 as its replacement we hoped and took it for granted.

Finally we experience it Demise of Apple TV HD. An Apple TV presented in 2015 after great expectations, but which had to replace the needs for a high-quality picture and a redesigned Siri Remote.

And from here we enter what we can see this year 2023. We’ll ignore the iPhone 15 and Apple Watch Series 9, although we’ll pay attention to what those might be Second generation Apple Watch Ultra – we do not know with what news -. We’re waiting for new Macs to arrive, which could mean exactly that we’d finally see a 32-inch iMac. An iMac that follows up on the already discontinued iMac Pro, perhaps with an M2 Max or even an M3.

We’re also rumored to be seeing a new HomePod. Not a HomePod mini, which might be, but a new HomePod that not only might be, but might be, the best speaker in the ecosystem Connect to iPad or Apple TV to complete the home device offering. Something we still have some very hazy ideas about, but it could mean a big change in approach and strategy.

The rumors also give us hints of a larger iPad. maybe foldable? Here the information is less clear, but the truth is something we’ve been able to see. In this case, It could also come with a new Apple Pencil, perhaps with cameras, as we have recently seen patented. We’ll have to keep an eye on it.

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End, Special mention goes to Apple’s augmented reality. Something that can represent a much bigger revolution than we can imagine and has jumped through the 2023 calendar with relative ease. Whether it will be in January or at an end-of-the-year event is entirely unknown to us, but it leads us to believe that the year we’re about to enter in a few days is being called a very big one by Apple.

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