I’m opting out of Netflix to protect privacy on my iPhone and iPad

It’s something that’s going to cost us at a family level, but the decision has been made: I’m going to unsubscribe from Netflix. Its new terms and prices are too demanding for my criteria, and I’m not a bit surprised that there are colleagues and other people on social media who are doing the same.

But beyond the price or the terms that require adding additional subscribers to the account, there’s another reason that isn’t talked about much and also carries a lot of weight for me. forks a company’s privacy and distrust of its users.

Netflix does not need to know where and with what I use or do my service

Yes, I absolutely hate paying almost $30 a month for Netflix and yes, I absolutely hate having to regularly check my devices like those of my family members. But it’s not an easy check: Netflix is ​​watching (also indirectly) my movements and those with whom I share the account.

I understand and make sense of the idea: Netflix wants its rules to be followed to the letter, and that means making sure its accounts are used in the same household. Ultimately, these are the terms we accept when subscribing to Netflix, It was the service that, in an interesting way, allowed us to break those rules by sharing passwords. Some time ago I came to promote it on social networks:

At a time when Netflix wasn’t stopping to grow, sharing accounts for the service wasn’t an issue. But now that they have arrived lean cows Netflix has crossed a red line. At least for me. And it’s actively checking the location of my devices, regardless of the method.

This extensive monitoring, forcing me to regularly certify my devices and severely restricting the devices my family uses, is a compelling reason for me to delete the service. I see no reason for a service that is limited to offering me content I need to keep an eye on which Wi-Fi networks I connect to or what I want to see and download. For example, if I’m going to London for the weekend, I don’t want to have to justify myself to a company.

I understand that Netflix doesn’t need to have the wide sleeves it has had so far, but being too exhaustive ends up being worse. And more so when there is so much competition that it continues to have that baggy sleeve. A cap has been reached and I have a feeling these subscriptions will go downhill from here, or at least the market will think a lot more before subscribing to more things.

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I don’t know what’s gonna happen to Netflix but it all depends on the numbers. If too many people opt out, you may be forced to reconsider your offer. If it’s just a bump and they decide to move on, I’ve already given them enough money since I was fired in 2015.

image | Souvik Banerjee

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