I wanted to change the battery of my iPhone and Apple wouldn’t let me: that was the reason

The iPhone battery leak might rank as one of the biggest first world dramas. And if this happens daily because the battery has already deteriorated, even more so. And that’s exactly what happened to a person very close decided to go to Apple tech support with his iPhone XS Max to put a new one on. He succeeded, although it took a lot of effort… and money.

An early but necessary repair

The process followed by this person to request a battery change is the usual and recommended one: asked for a repair appointment with technical support through the Apple Support app. He chose the date, time and “shop” that suited him best, and then the time came.

Arrived with his iPhone XS Max, he explained genius since it barely reached noon without having to go through the charger. The Apple technician asked you to check the health of the battery (in Settings > Battery > Battery Health). I had 83% health. And here is the “problem”.

He genius He ran a diagnostic using Apple’s own and exclusive tool, in which he was able to confirm that in fact 83% of the health was real. and all of that with enough charge cycles behind it. In fact, the affected person told me that in those few 5 minutes that the diagnosis lasted, the battery had dropped by almost 10%. It was clear that something was wrong.

“Please change my battery, I will pay you”

Well, in spite of everything they refused in the first instance to change the battery. If the device was new and under warranty, they would most likely have agreed to replace the battery and even give the subject a new iPhone XS Max (even if it was refurbished). However, the phone was bought in December 2018, so it didn’t meet any of the requirements.

The person concerned knew in advance that he would not get any favors from Apple and was even willing to pay the repair costs (99 euros since the last announced increase). But first no luck since Apple didn’t think it was suitable for changing the battery. No matter how little autonomy it was and how many charge cycles were accumulated, 83% of health seemed insufficient.

Battery iphone 79

What appears when an iPhone has a battery level of 79% or less

If you’ve ever wondered it’s below 80% when an iPhone is already “prompting” to change the battery. So when it hits 79%, a notice will appear in the settings panel, clearly stating that there is “significant degradation” and that a replacement is needed to get good performance back.

And it is that the deterioration of the battery it also implies a drop in terminal performance. On top of that, despite its good A12 Bionic, the ‘XS Max’ isn’t the most advanced anymore, making it a brake. And as much as it seduced him, the person who owned this device didn’t want to buy a new iPhone.

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He genius Apple wanted to end its intervention by asking the affected person to return when their health was at 79%, which could take months. So this person asked (almost begging he told me) that they please fix it, which he was willing to pay. The Apple tech didn’t recommend it as he said Changing the battery early was a waste of money in a way and that he could enjoy it for a few more months. And that testing has shown that the iPhone XS Max isn’t that fun anymore.

It should be said that the story ended with a happy ending. He genius she notified another colleague so that both could discuss the matter with the victim and eventually a settlement was agreed. 2 hours later and with 99 euros less in his pocket, this person left the Apple Store with a revitalized iPhone XS Max, which he proudly tells me looks like the first day. With relatively intensive use, it arrives at night and the performance problems are completely gone.

Battery health is important, but not critical. The real experience is what we should do.

you will wonder why Apple refused to change the battery, as it certainly may sound strange if we consider that in the end the sufferer did not ask for a free replacement but for a paid repair. In a way, though, what they said to him can be understandable. If you extend the battery life to the maximum, the payment term will be delayed.

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Now, at percentages that are already so close to 79%, it’s clear the performance won’t be as good. And if you don’t plan on changing your iPhone in the near future, it pays to pay up front and enjoy a whole new battery as soon as possible. So it’s always important Don’t pay so much attention to the health of the battery as to its autonomy long term and if we really feel we need a change or if we can stretch it a bit more.

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