I tried to communicate with my friends only through iMessage. We liked that and what we missed

For likes, messaging applications. In Spain, WhatsApp is king, but there are always options like Telegram or Signal for those looking for alternatives. And if you have an iPhone, we have the great thing that is forgotten in our country: iMessage. It is curious that the most used network in the United States is ignored the most here.

Knowing that the vast majority of plans’ unlimited SMS “cover” the ability to chat with someone using Android, I considered an experiment: Ask some friends to use iMessage for a few days and see how we feel about it. We learned that.

The iMessage challenge: that the Spaniards use it

The messaging service I personally use the most is Telegram, closely followed by WhatsApp. The reaction of the friends I chose to conduct this experiment have responded well, but they had to “make an effort” to put it somehow. Luckily they did me a favor.

The benefits of iMessage that caught our eye are many, starting with the integration. The whole service is very well coordinated, to the point where you have certain vibrations when you receive a message on the Apple Watch. So, without lifting your wrist, you’ll know you’ve received a message from iMessage and not some other protocol.

Another point of interest: iMessage Send original quality images and videos. It makes these shipments take longer, but at least my conclusion is that you’ll easily get uncompressed photos in return. It shows, although you’ll need good coverage if you’re going to be sending multiple images at once.

iPhone Messages

But the friends I did this experiment with missed a few things. The hardest working telegrams don’t have that stickerand a friend in particular has told me that he regrets it Animated GIFs cannot be sent with the ease that other messaging clients allow. In Telegram you only have to write “@gif”.

And then there’s the reason I put the word “cover” in quotes at the beginning of this article: Communication via SMS is too limiting for these times. It makes you understand why Google would want Apple to adopt the RCS standard.

Another detail that needs to be mentioned: for iMessage to show the messages on all our devices we must configure it well. Especially on Macs, where you have to go to the Messages app’s preferences to “turn on iCloud” and thus load whatever we have elsewhere. And yet there are some conversations that don’t sync well, traditional SMS in particular.

immessage interface responds

The interface for replying to messages (present in the image above) was also a common criticism from friends I conducted this experiment with, claiming that WhatsApp or Telegram made more sense.

If I collect all the negative sensations, I can summarize them in it You miss functions of other services to which they are too accustomed. And in his opinion, the interface of some of these functions also leaves a lot to be desired.

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I personally use iMessage with very few people who prefer it for privacy reasons. “Forcing” those who don’t normally use it confirms my suspicion: it would be very difficult to convince them to switch one day. Perhaps they would do it in a situation of great need, in the event of a general failure of other services. But moving permanently would be too difficult for them..

immessage apple iphone messages

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