I lost an Apple Watch Series 8 on a flight and ended up buying another one. That I have learned

Ever lost an Apple Watch? I do. It’s one of the strangest experiences of my life. I could say that All the stars lined up that day. I was very distracted, I had search mode turned off (which I’ve never turned off in my life), I was tired, I was worried about other circumstances… it was absolutely hilarious. I tell you.

It was a beautiful afternoon in early February when an old friend called from the United States to invite me to an event his company was hosting in Washington DC the first week of March. More people I knew would leave and I hadn’t seen him in a long time so i went there.

I went online and I bought the plane tickets. The hotel, travel, meals, etc. were all taken care of by his company that week, so I was very happy with life. I was happy. I would meet many friends and acquaintances, I would spend a week in Washington without spending a euro, and to top it off, Iberia emailed me that they had sold me a tourist seat that was already taken, that there were no more vacancies and that I would go in the premium tourist. Fabulous.

These things never happen until one day they happen

The day before I left for Madrid to sleep there and go to the airport the next day. I’ve checked 17 times to make sure I have everything: wallet, passport, iPhone, AirPods Pro, Apple Watch, Mac, chargers, adapters, etc. I’m pretty forgetful, and I didn’t want to leave anything at home. Luckily (or unfortunately) I took everything with me.

Finally the day came. I woke up and saw that I had everything charged (tip for long trips: MacBook Air/Pros are a great power bank) and that I hadn’t forgotten anything. I drove to the airport, went to the check-in desk and was told, “There is a problem with your flight”. I turned pale.

Luckily, my “problem” was that the upgrade to Premium Tourist was not correctly registered in the system, that my place had been taken elsewhere, that there were no more places left and so on I would have to travel for business. You see what a problem. I had never received an upgrade and on this flight they are giving me two.

airplane seat photo

He was very comfortable. How wonderful please.

At that time I was the happiest person in the world. I would visit my friends in the US, take a vacation to my favorite city for free, and I would do it in business too. through the face. If we put it into perspective, it’s possible fate tried to make amends with me. what would happen to me during the flight.

Once on the plane, and since the Apple Watch Series 8 was giving me the weird issue, I decided to try restarting it. I turned off search mode with the intention of activating it once the process is complete. Remember I just told you I’m pretty forgetful? Good. Well I forgot.

I tinkered with the seat the whole flight. Wonderful. It turned into a bed, completely isolating you and even giving a little massage when you pushed a button. He was like a little boy who had just opened a new toy. And I didn’t realize that my Apple Watch Series 8 had fallen on the floor. Later I went to sleep and the small hope that I would find out vanished.

Apple Watch Series 8

I woke up half an hour after landing, preparing to disembark, and didn’t realize my Apple Watch was gone. We arrived at the airport, I got off the plane, went through immigration and waited for my suitcase. It was taking too long, and I instinctively reached up to check the time on my Apple Watch. And that’s when I realized. I didn’t wear a watch.

At first I laughed a little because the situation struck me as odd, but gradually I realized what had happened and that I could no longer return to the plane. The whole trip had gone so well… but hey, you know what they say, when something can go wrong, it will.

I went into the search on my iPhone 14 Pro and The Apple Watch did not appear – I had it disabled – and I was panicking. I managed to relax and told myself that this would not spoil my trip. I went to the Iberia website to fill out a form for lost items on their flights and handed it in without much hope.

I haven’t heard from them since then until they emailed me with something like this a few days ago they hadn’t found it, and they didn’t want it either. But I wanted my Apple Watch. I use it every day and I love its features.

Apple Watch Series 8 on wooden table

I briefly considered looking for cheaper alternatives, but it’s not the same. That level of integration, of functionality where everything works as it should. Only the Apple Watch offers that. In my opinion, it combines all the good things that a watch like a Garmin can have with an impressive design. And the customization that their straps offer you is on another level too. Others are not the same.

I can say that the Apple Watch Series 8 I liked it so much that I bought it twice. In fact, if I lost it again, I would certainly buy it again. There’s no two without three, right? Seriously now, I think it’s an impressive device and with the rumors of what’s to come in watchOS 10, things couldn’t be looking any better.

Apple Watch Series 8

I learned a lot from this experience. If you’re as forgetful as this copywriter, don’t trust your future self to remember anything. He won’t. It’s time to tackle it. Memories were invented for a reason. If, like me, you ever turn off search mode on a device, let your iPhone remind you to turn it back on as soon as possible.

You may think that you will never lose your iPhone or Apple Watch. You will think that this has never happened to you and that it will never happen again. Well no. I also believed the same. I’m forgetful, but I’ve never lost a technological device. However, and as I could see, heThings never happen until one day they go away and happen.

Never disable search mode. Ah, indeed. And if you have to, leave it for a very convenient period of time and don’t take your eyes off your device until it’s activated again. It’s very unlikely that you’ll lose it in that short time, but if it happens to you once, it’s enough, and if it happened to me, it can happen to anyone.

If you lose your device, there is a bunch of data you want to collect as soon as possible. Try to find the serial number, find it in search, go to the local lost property office and try to remember where it might have been. Everything you get will be good, and brings you a little closer to locating your device.

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In any case, if you can’t find it, nothing happens. It’s something that happens to many people every day and no one has ever died from it. Try to stay calm. Worst case you might have to make a payout you weren’t expecting or use an old phone, but it’s no drama either. You don’t have to worry so much about these things and you have to live a little longer.

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