I have three AirTags and the battery life of each is different: this is the cause

A few years ago, Apple announced the AirTag: a small device that’s super useful for keeping track of keys, a wallet, a suitcase, and even a cat (the kind Steve Wozniak likes). Once we have configured ours, we only have to access the search on our iPhone and we can make it ring or Know the exact distance and direction you are in.

They are powered by the same battery as most watches on the market. They are very efficient because they use a protocol called Bluetooth LE, which means “Low Energy” in Spanish. However, many are wondering exactly How often is it advisable to change the battery of our AirTag?. We’ll tell you.

It depends on many factors

According to Apple, an AirTag that just got a new battery should last about a year. Of course, this depends on many factors, such as B. the quality of the battery you use, the intended use of the device and other factors such as the temperature of the place where you have it and even the air pressure to which it is subjected.

I personally have three AirTags. One for my keys, one for my college backpack, and one for my suitcase. I’ve been using them since they were announced and I’ve found that they definitely work External factors have the greatest impact on battery life before you have to change it.

I’m someone who loses keys with amazing ease. I don’t know how many hundreds of dollars my AirTag saved me in copies, but a few for sure. The problem is that I often use it like this The battery doesn’t reach the year Apple talked about when it announced it in 2021. On the other hand, I only use the suitcase when I travel. The rest of the time the AirTag doesn’t move, it doesn’t get out in the sun or anything, and I’ve never had to change the battery even though I bought it at the same time as my keys.

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I bought the AirTag in my backpack a little later, about a year ago, and had to change the battery once. I use it less than my keys but more than my suitcaseand the battery lasted a year, which is what Apple estimated at the time.

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In short, there is no exact answer to how long an AirTag battery lasts. It’s usually like that all year round, but as you use it more or less, whether you expose it to the sun or not and other factors, it can change a lot. It’s a great device that has kept us all out of trouble at one time or another, but You need to make sure you always have a batteryit will not be that when we need it, we will find that it has been used up.

In Applesphere | For this we use the AirTag in the Applesfera and Xataka team: purse, keys and even a motorbike

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