Hundreds of free games to satisfy your retro appetite

The Apple Watch is much more than a smartwatch on its own. Aside from its features for accurately measuring our physical activity, its vast ecosystem of third-party applications made me want to turn it into something I never expected: a portable gaming console. And of all the ones I’ve tried These are the best games of 2023 for your Apple Watch.

I remember starting using my Apple Watch Series 8 on the premise “with this I will at least control my daily activity”. Today it has become a tool to check my Alsa or Iberia tickets, request a Cabify, monitor Bandsintown concert notifications, see how much I’m saving with the Day or Revolut card, sync home workouts and even to keep an eye on home automation. Because even the Xiaomi Home App is 100% compatible.

However, I’ve always kept the playful part separate, more out of ignorance than conscious desire. The ecosystem of applications for the Apple Watch is fine, but I didn’t know how it behaved in games. And I don’t know if I made the right decision because Now I play with the Apple Watch every time I have to queue or wait somewhere. And out of all the ones I’ve tried, these are the games I recommend.


Apple Watch Arcadia

An arcade is a utopian place of relaxation and rest. And that’s what Arcadia proposes, it’s a wide compilation that allows us to play for 2.49 euros Dozens of classics like ‘Pong’, ‘Simon’ or the old ‘Whack-a-mole’, even a factual clone of OutRun. With a very colorful pixel art aesthetic, these games offer a kind of return to a childhood when things were much simpler. Yes, and there is also a “snake”.

Download | Arcade on the App Store

Dare the Monkeys: Go Bananas!


Platforming in the purest Donkey Kong style, with plenty of jungle to explore and a laid-back aesthetic. Bananas must also be collected in space. Of course, the physics system doesn’t usually make it easy. Completing all levels is a challenge for those who cross between the eyebrows.

Download | Dare the monkeys in the App Store

Games for clock

Picture 4154

Games for Watch, as the name suggests, is a compilation for your Apple Watch. Hangman, Tic Tac Toe, ‘Connect Four’, visual puzzles and many other free games. There is also a surcharge ranging from 0.49 to 0.99 euros per game You have access to others with a higher profile like Hangman, Sudoku or 2048. The app serves as a platform to group them and also shows times and classifications in different player profiles.

Download | Games for Watch on the App Store

The “pong” of your life

Apple Watch Table Tennis

If it’s a classic, then there’s a reason. The simplest mechanics are sometimes the most addictive. If the previous collection has a minimalist pong that looks like something out of a green phosphor monitorthis version proposes the same strategy of returning the ball in different environments such as an ice hockey rink or a basketball court.

Download | Ping Pong on the App Store

Chess, an enduring classic

white or black? A game of chess is always a good way to kill time, and there are few better options than official chess. It’s not as pretty as the three-dimensional chess that comes with macOSbut it serves to get rid of the error and further practice the noble art of checkmate.

Download | Chess on the App Store

8pm Games – Classic Pack

This is another of those recops that are grouped Dozens of industry milestones like Minesweeper, Pac-Man or Bejeweled, the well-known game with matching colored jewels. U for 1.19 euros it is worth a try. There are other packages with 24, 25, 28 and 29 games in the App Store – the most expensive costs up to 2.49 euros. What it was like to entertain for hours upon hours.

Download | View 20 games in the App Store

retro twist

Apple watch vintage

And don’t let the name fool you. If you are looking for a different suitcase of memories but not so retro, this retro twist is perfect and includes more modern graphics: from a colorful ‘Tetris’, a good alternative to the traditional pang, to a sort of ‘paperboy’, a ‘OutRun’, a ‘Super Mario’ with no plumbers but no shortage of mushrooms and a ‘Flappy Bird’ who is more than a bird furious makes you much happier. It’s not free, yes: it costs 2.49 euros.

Download | Retro Twist on the App Store

Mindkeeper: The Lurking Fear


That’s a pretty crazy twist. Parked aside: Mindkeeper is a Protect In the first-person perspective, inspired by HP Lovecraft, you guide investigator H. Joyce and explore a vast mansion full of creatures from the other world. 50 levels across four locations and graphics I could never have imagined on an Apple Watch. For 2.49 euros you have it on your wrist.

Download | Mindkeeper: The Lurking Fear on the App Store

Pokémon GO on your wrist


Find and unlock the ever grateful PokeStops, feed your Pokemon after a tough battle, check your backpack inventory, or sync your physical activity. This simplified companion version of Niantic’s game is perfect for Trainers who don’t give up until they’ve “completed” the PokéDex.

Download | Pokemon GO for free on the App Store

Fitness RPG

And we say goodbye with this delirium: a game that plays a part in a pedometer. Some have called this game the duolingo of running. The pure gamification of counting steps to understand yourself. Fitness RPG consists of the following: You have your own heroes and the further you progress, the stronger they become. Your steps are your energy bar. And Fitland’s battlefields are full of monsters, so creating synergy between them and keeping them healthy is important.

Download | Free fitness role-playing game on the App Store

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