how to view your musical summary of the year from iPhone or iPad

Another year comes to an end, traditions are cultivated. Not even a day ago, Apple Music Replay 2022 arrived, the traditional review of the songs we’ve listened to the most throughout the year, and they come to us compiled in a single playlist. And if we go to the right place, much more information about our music year.

The Instafest phenomenon has also arrived, an application to create our festival posters based on our favorite artists. And we close the trilogy with the oldest tradition of all, that of Spotify Wrapped 2022, the collection of music and statistics about it based on what we’ve heard the most over the year.

How to watch your Spotify Wrapped 2022

The normal is that the banner from Spotify appears as soon as you open the app. If this is not the case, you can always access the Wrapped website and click where “Listen to your recap of the year here” which will open the application and show it to you.

An important fact: Spotify Wrapped only appears on iOS and Android appsso if you try to view your wrapped from a mac or pc or the web version you will not be able to do so.



You can access it from the mobile application, save your list of top 100 most listened songs and listen to them later from any device You cannot see the Stories type animated videos if they are not from the mobile application.

The Wrapped consists of six stories with several types of statistics including a presentation, the most played genres and subgenres during your year, definitions of the type of music you usually listen to at any point of the day, the minutes you spent listening to music compared to the average listener in your country., and then some more specific data, like the song you’ve listened to the most (and how many times!), a top 5 of them, and finally a compilation of all of the above along with the full list.

The last slide summarizing the most listened songs, artists and genres is offered in different colors, so you can swipe this last slide to find the one that suits you best… and of course post it on a social network.