How to use CarPlay wirelessly in any car: the ultimate solution

A few weeks ago we announced the bad news: in 2023 there will be new cars without CarPlay, now General Motors will not have this service. Some manufacturers are increasingly relying on personalized, individual solutions with software integrated into the car so that they are not so dependent on the iPhone. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use CarPlay.

In search of solutions for our private use, we came across a “hack” as the user “Forrests Auto Reviews” calls it on TikTok. The video already has more than two million views. and presents a simple and really useful solution. We explain step by step how to have CarPlay wireless in any vehicle, compatible or not

So you have CarPlay in every car


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As we see in the video itself, the process of having CarPlay in an incompatible vehicle is quite simple. The way to activate this “hack”, which is nothing more than a Bluetooth connection, is as follows:

  1. Activate the Bluetooth connectivity of your iPhone either by activating the button with the corresponding icon in the Control Center or by following this route: Settings > Bluetoothand there you activate the green button.
  2. Connect the AutoSky to any free USB port on the panel or a similar wireless CarPlay adapteras compatible as possible with dual-band WiFi, since some services require a lot of consumption, such as voice control, GPS navigation or streaming applications such as music.
  3. Now look for the name of the adapter in the list of linked products and follow the same path. Your iPhone will start searching under the section OTHER DEVICES. When you find it, tap its name – something like “CarPlayBox” – and pair it with your car, accepting the message that appears, usually a security number.
  4. Now tap on “Use CarPlay” in the new connection window and you have already connected it to continue using the applications from the car panel.

Sold by Amazon in its store in the United States, the latest AutoSky model is a real hit as it allows CarPlay to be integrated into almost any vehicle, including those that recently stopped supporting it, such as some Nissans, Mercedes – not all by 2022 – and jaguars.

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CarPlay wireless is that simple. Of course, not all iPhone apps are compatible and there will be some that will introduce some latency or slower performance depending on the car’s operating system. If this happens or you find the system freezes, Disable the Bluetooth connection and pair againto restart the process.

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