How to see all the subscriptions we paid for and cancel the ones we no longer use

Subscriptions are increasingly present in our everyday lives. What used to be an occasional thing, perhaps only for streaming services, now extends to our Calendar app, Reminders app, and various others. A very valid business model, but beware requires us to be more careful about which subscriptions we pay for.

In particular, to cancel the ones we no longer use, the free trials that will be billed and other similar situations. Now that prices are even more flexible, this is a review that avoids unpleasant surprises, although in many cases it is a quick chat with Apple fixes itwe can even prevent them.

A list of several details to consider

Checking the subscriptions that we have active in our Apple ID is very simple. we can see a complete list of everything we pay directly on our iPhone and from here we can even decide on some offers. The following steps are:

  1. We open the app the settings on our iPhone or iPad.
  2. We touch our name at the top of the screen.
  3. we play along subscriptions.

When you get here, there are a few things to consider. The information is divided into two parts, active and inactive subscriptions. The inactive are the ones we not only stop paying, but whose services are no longer available, so to speak. And why are we saying this? There We do not necessarily pay for all subscriptions that appear in this section active.

Active or inactive only refers to whether what comes with the subscription is, as we say, active. In order to see whether or not we are paying for a particular subscription, we need to do this Enter it and see if the button appears cancel subscription. Let’s remember that if we cancel, we continue to enjoy the benefits up to what we paid for, and that’s precisely why we explained the distinction a few lines ago.

After all, it’s always a good idea to play in it Show all plans to check if offers are available that we may have overlooked. Maybe an annual deal with a few months off, or maybe some other monthly modality that can reduce the overall subscription a bit.

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At a time when subscriptions are becoming more common, it’s really interesting to know exactly what we’re paying for. Happily, Apple makes it really easy for us. Both viewing the full list and unsubscribing or changing the type of subscription are just a few taps away.

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