How to resize 48MP iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max photos in 2 seconds

The quality of the photos is crucial. If we shoot these with an iPhone 14 Pro or an iPhone 14 Pro Max, we have them Up to 48MP resolution option. A resolution that is accompanied by a rather considerable weight of the photograph in question. Something that fortunately has a solution.

One of the reasons we have it in 48MP, aside from the unlikely possibility of having to print it in a really large format, is to be able to crop and reframe it without losing detail. Precisely for this reason, it is quite common that we want to shoot in 48 MP, but when we finish the post-production of the images we consider reducing the size of all of them. This is where the Shortcuts app comes in.

A simple conversion and we reduce the size of the images by 10x

We must remember that the Photos app applies non-destructive touch-ups. That is, if we take a 48MP photo and then crop it, the application saves the original and also the cropping instructions, as well as the resulting photo. If at any point we wish to revert to the original version, we can do so. Interesting as this system is, since it guarantees the possibility of recovering a photo in the event of an issue that does not convince us, it also has it an impact on the space our photo library occupies in iCloud.

So the best way To reduce the weight of these images, you need to convert them to another format and delete the original file. With this we keep practically all the details of the 48 MP in a much smaller file size. To make this conversion we can use the app shortcuts and one that we can download here.

Once we’ve added it to our shortcuts library, all we have to do is choose which album we want to save the shared images to. Then we can run it, select all the 48MP photos we want to take off and just let the shortcut do its magic. At the end, It will ask us if we want to delete the original imagesto which we will say yes.

Thus, after editing in the Photos app, we can go back to the original photo without losing the changes we have already made

Let’s remember that the deleted pictures are saved in the “Trash” of the Photos app, which allows us to recover them for 30 days in case of an unforeseen event. Meanwhile, to confirm everything is ok, We will have our photos taken in 48 MP at a much lighter weight. Well, we can easily go from 85MB to around 4MB. And all this as easy as a conversion with a small shortcut.

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