How to photograph the full moon with very good results with our iPhone and this little trick

We are about to experience one of the most spectacular moments of the year, the opportunity to see the moon in a phenomenon called “supermoon‘, referring to its apparent size and brightness. Take a picture with the iPhone It’s not that easysince professional lenses and cameras are needed, but we can do something with our cellphones – which are getting better and better.

At Applesfera, we’ve taught you some of our top six tips for taking the best photos, but when we talk about photographing the moon, we don’t always get the results we expect. This is due to a combination of factors. So let’s rest what is one of the best ways to photograph our beloved satelliteToday especially that we will have full moon.

A pretty creative trick, but with very good results

As Douglas Cort├ęs tells us on TikTok, there is a resource that allows us to photograph the moon with pretty impressive quality. Naturally nothing will compete with professional cameras which have, among other things, huge lenses and a lot of zoom, but at some point we will get an interesting result. We do so:

Photographing the moon with Iphone Applesfera

  1. We open the app camera on our iPhone.
  2. We decide to record a video.
  3. In the upper right part we make sure (by touching to change it) that we record in 4K resolution and at 60 fps.
  4. We aim at the moon and zoom in to the maximum.
  5. We touch the moon that we see on the screen and slide down the slider next to the autofocus to reduce the brightness of the shot.
  6. We started recording the video.
  7. We touch the round white button at the bottom right to take a still picture.

With this strange combination of steps, we can get some really impressive shots. The reason for this is not so much in the quality of the resulting image, because for example on an iPhone 13 Pro the photo taken in this way goes from the usual 12MP to just 8MP, but in how the system applies its algorithms to computational photography.

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The result is an image of slightly lower quality, but with clearer details, and the roughness of the lunar surface is more visible. Yes, we could try shooting in RAW if our iPhone is compatible and then do our own editing, that’s an option. An option that, however, requires many more steps and does not necessarily offer a better result. In the meantime, with this simple resource, we will get the most interesting pictures in just a few seconds.

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