how to fix this request and prevent it from appearing again in our computer’s system settings

We’re used to the System Preferences app – formerly System Preferences – on Mac sending us few notifications. Doing this leaves a small number one in the dock in addition to the notification itself in the notification center. A number one that usually indicates a system update, but which one in some cases it can send a very different message.

“Confirm Mac Password”. A fairly prominent notice in the Settings app on our computer that something can repeat itself if we don’t take care of it. And not just repetitive as it affects the usage of Mac by preventing access to some features or requiring some extra steps. Luckily, it has an easy fix.

A very important note that must be respected for the proper functioning of the Mac

First of all, we should know why our Mac is making this request. the Our Mac’s password is used for many things on the computer. Examples include unlocking the system keychain and iCloud, unlocking the Mac with the Apple Watch, and behind the scenes encrypting a lot of information when accessing Apple services.

For safety reasons, the password expires from time to time Also, depending on how we use the Mac, some actions like logging out of the App Store can – sometimes – cause this request. Coming back to the situation itself, considering how often this password is used, we want to address it quickly when the notice is presented.

In general, before this notification, all we have to do is go to the Apple menu and tap system settings either system settingstouch Confirm Mac passwordbeat Keep going, enter the password and the message will disappear. But sometimes We need to restart the Mac to ensure the process is successful.

If this doesn’t solve the problem, we have two other resources. one is Sign out of iCloud and back in. The other is to try to log in to a new Mac user with our iCloud account. With this last measure solved, we can transfer information from one user to another with relative ease, since many, e.g. B. installed applications, are already shared between accounts.

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What is definitely more than recommended is this Let’s avoid ignoring this hintWell, while it’s not immediately noticeable when using the Mac, the experience does become less fluid. It is also true that a notification is not usually given and if it does occur we can resolve it quickly. And if we need additional resources to solve it, they are at our disposal as well. Everything to keep your Mac running at peak performance.

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