How to calibrate Mac monitor for better performance


Calibrating the Mac monitor or an external display is one of the most useful operations to always get the best possible quality. There are many products on the market that can help us, such as: B. the models Datacolor SpyderX Pro and Calibrite.

datacolor spyder x

Apple monitors, especially in recent years, leave the factory already precisely calibrated for a variety of color profiles and requirements. But the stick calibration or pre-installed color profiles are not always entirely satisfactory. How to use a external colorimeter to improve rendering of Apple displays and third-party displays connected to your Mac.

Preliminary operations to be performed before calibrating a display

Before proceeding Mac monitor calibration or the third-party monitor that we use with our computer, it is necessary to obtain a series of information and purchase a professional tool that will allow the Mac or PC to analyze the data collected on the monitor and obtain a specific color profile apply to ensure more precision and color fidelity.

In detail you need:

  • A digital color analysis tool (SpyderX, Calibrite ColorChecker, etc.)
  • The colorimeter software you have purchased or software that is compatible with the product and your system
  • Information on the type and properties of the monitors used

Finally, it is necessary to keep in mind the goal to be achieved and therefore to understand the purpose for which it is necessary to calibrate the display.

Who needs to calibrate a monitor?

Anyone who buys such a product wants to get the best out of their display and is therefore aware of its limitations and properties. In addition, it is clear that any user looking for more precision in terms of color fidelity knows exactly what to use the monitor for (video, photos, graphics, etc.) and therefore already knows the specifications to be respected.

Let’s just remember that no calibration tool can work wonders and make changes Completely the performance of a display if it is limited by design, panel, age and price range.

Datacolor SpyderX Pro: How to calibrate your Mac monitor

datacolor spyder x

I personally chose them Datacolor SpyderX Pro because it seemed like the best choice for my needs and for the monitors I needed to calibrate. The result I got at the end of the calibration was remarkable and made me carry out more and more in-depth analysis and color profiles based on my needs. Without telling you why I decided to create more than ten color profiles, I’ll explain what the Datacolor SpyderX Pro can do depending on how I use the monitor.

What can this tool do?

Essentially, this product measures first the intensity of the ambient light to determine the correct starting parameters based on the room you are in.

For a perfect calibration it is necessary to fully control the lighting of the room and to position the lights correctly to prevent them from interfering with the use of the computer. Light sources should never be positioned in front of the monitor as they would make color work uncomfortable and inaccurate.

monitor calibration

Once placed SpyderX Pro On the desk it is possible to start the light measurement and then when the feedback seems satisfactory, place the probe (gently) on the monitor to start the actual panel calibration.

Calibrate monitors

The advice I can give you is to tilt the monitor back slightly to allow better adhesion of the instrument. Then, depending on the result you want, you have to set the different details and follow the steps on the screen, including the manual brightness adjustment.

mac monitor calibration

Once the display calibration is complete, you can apply it color profile customized only to get the most out of your monitor and change it whenever you need other configurations.

Finally the Council is closed Repeat the calibration at least once a month to ensure that there are no variations, however small, in the lighting in the room. Calibrations are already quite fast, but when it’s just a matter of updating previously performed calibrations, it only takes a few seconds to complete everything.

The alternatives among the display calibrators


As already mentioned, among the most interesting alternatives to the Datacolor SpyderX Pro we find the Calibrite Color Checker display and the old X-Rite (now Calibrite), which are almost no longer on the market but have been a valid point of reference in the sector for years.

Calibrite ColorChecker Display: Monitor calibrator for creative people

183.00 euros175.00 euros

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Calibrite ColorChecker Display Plus: Monitor calibration for professional photographers and filmmakers,…

305.00 euros296.00 euros

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Calibrite ColorChecker Display Pro: monitor calibrator for creative professionals, black-silver

265.06 euros

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Datacolor SpyderX Pro – Monitor calibration for photographers and designers (SXP100),…

179.00 euros99.00 euros

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Datacolor SpyderX Elite – Monitor Calibration for Professional Photographers (SXE100)

279.00 euros139.00 euros

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Obviously, the different models on the market are similar in basic characteristics but differ in some specific details such as: B. the maximum supported brightness (nit) for HDR displays.

How to calibrate your Mac monitor: the following steps

Now I’m going to show you step by step the steps I took to calibrate my iMac Pro’s monitor. Obviously these settings are not valid for everyone and you need – as I said before – to know what kind of calibration to do, what white point to trade and what color standard to choose.

  1. Prepare the monitor by leaving it on for at least 30 minutes
  2. Start the calibrator software
  3. Measure the amount of ambient lightmonitor calibration software
  4. Select the type of calibration to perform monitor calibration software
  5. Place the calibrator on the monitor and start the process monitor calibration software
  6. Follow the instructions on the screen calibrate mac monitor
  7. View the summary and analyze the differences from the previous calibration calibrate mac monitor
  8. If the calibration is satisfactory, continue saving the color profile, otherwise repeat it, adjusting the settings as needed

NB: Of course the procedure is the same on Windows, so the advice we have given you is universal.

How much does it cost to calibrate my Mac monitor?

datacolor spyder x

Prices for a good tool monitor calibration They can vary from €100 to €300, but there are often promotions available on Amazon that you should keep in mind. For example the Datacolor SpyderX Pro is available for €99.99 on the occasion of Amazon Black Friday.

Datacolor SpyderX Pro – Monitor calibration for photographers and designers (SXP100),…

179.00 euros99.00 euros

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A compact, useful and fairly precise product. This Datacolor SpyderX has everything you need to calibrate and get the most out of your displays. There are those who want a more complete and powerful software, but for most uses what is delivered is more than satisfactory. There are pricier solutions specifically designed for high-end monitors with 1000-2000 nits of brightness, like some of the Calibrites we’ve mentioned, but for value for money this is extremely satisfactory.

  • utility

  • precision

  • software

  • compatibility

  • Price

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