How to buy and pay with Apple Pay

If there’s a way to easily and securely pay both in stores and online, it’s called Apple Pay. Apple’s payment system allows us Walk through the box by bringing our Apple Watch or iPhone closer to the data phone and also shop online at the push of a button.

A simple, practical, secure system and above all very respectful of our privacy Apple can’t even know what we’re buying and where we’re buying it. In fact, our card data is not even stored outside of the secure enclave of our devices. But, without prejudging events, let’s start at the beginning.

What is Apple Pay for?

Apple Pay is a way to pay in physical stores without having to use cash or physical credit/debit cards. It’s a more convenient and secure way to make purchases since we can pay directly from our Apple device such as an iPhone or an Apple Watch. Even if you use Apple Pay, We do not share our credit card information with sellerswhich increases the security of our transactions.

Apple Pay also enables online payments. It’s available in a wide range of apps and websites and we can use it to buy products and services quickly and safely. When you use Apple Pay on the web, We do not have to manually enter credit card details, shipping address, emailetc. every time we make a purchase as the system does everything automatically.

How Apple Pay works in Spain

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The first thing we have to do to be able to use Apple Pay is to add our credit or debit card to the service. For that we have to Check if our bank works with Apple Pay. In Spain all major banks do this. In fact, the full list includes more than 90 entities.

After this check easy We go to the Wallet app on our iPhone, tap the “+” at the top and follow the steps to add our map. Once the card details have been scanned and the terms and conditions have been accepted, we will see the card on our iPhone. To add it to the Apple Watch we have to go to the app watches of our iPhone, which automatically offers us to add to our watch the maps we already have on the iPhone. Finally, to add our cards to Apple Pay on an iPad or Mac, we must do it through the app the settings come in Wallet and Apple Pay.

How to change the default card in Apple Pay

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Once We’ve added more than one card to Apple Pay It is important that we choose the default setting. In this way we avoid having to choose the one we prefer after entering Apple Pay by double-clicking on the side button.

Changing the default Apple Pay card is really easy. All we have to do is go to the app the settings, go in Wallet and Apple Pay and select the one that interests us.

Where Apple Pay is available

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Apple Pay is another safe and convenient way to pay with our cards. The technology that Apple Pay relies on to transfer payment data from our iPhone or Apple Watch to the data phone is contactless. A) Yes, any website where the payment terminal supports contactless payments – most in Spain – accept Apple Pay.

If you don’t accept it, withdrawing money from an ATM using Apple Pay to be able to pay cash is actually a resource that can be useful in some situations. A resource that it would get us out of other troubles.

How to pay with Apple Pay in stores

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Checking out with Apple Pay in stores is really easy. As soon as they offer us the data phone to receive the payment, we make one Press the side button of our iPhone twice, we identify ourselves with Face ID and bring the phone closer to the recipient. We hear a confirmation tone.

Checking out is even easier on the Apple Watch. Since the Apple Watch is locked when you take it off your wrist, we don’t have to identify ourselves to pay – we did that when we put it on. just as Press the side button twice and approach the data phoneas simple as that.

How to pay with Apple Pay on Android

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A frequently asked question. Can I use Apple Pay on Android? The answer is no. Apple Pay is a service provided by Apple and as such is only available on company devices.

There are alternatives, because in Android we can consider using Google Pay or Samsung Pay, among others. Yes indeed, The privacy of these services is a far cry from Apple’s, since most of them store the data of our cards and our purchases in the cloud. It is our responsibility to verify that the information is also used to serve advertising and similar practices.

How to defer a payment from Apple Pay

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Apple is preparing the option to split a payment made with Apple Pay Later into four instances. For now, however, the service hasn’t even reached the United States. So for now We just have to wait for the service to arrive and expand internationally.

after i said that Yes, we can defer or split an Apple Pay payment. I eat? Through our bank. The vast majority of them offer services of this type. All we have to do is go to the app of the bank we use, usually go to card management and ask for a specific fee to be shared. The options are already subject to the operation of the respective entity and its conditions.

Apple Pay BBVA, how it works

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Before we finish, let’s take a moment to explore Apple Pay with BBVA. The Spanish company is characterized by the fact that it goes a little further with its activities than its competitors and simplifies many processes. In the case of Apple Pay, however the use of the service is independent of the place we have chosen.

Apple Pay is, so to speak another way to “swipe” the card through the data phone.. A convenient and secure way, no doubt, but with the same results as if we brought the physical card closer to the contactless one or inserted it to confirm the purchase with the chip and our PIN.

Much more than making payments in the Wallet app: that's all you can do with Wallet

As we’ve already said, if there’s a way to easily and securely pay both in stores and online, it’s called Apple Pay. A service that allows us to greatly simplify transactions in order to bring them to fruition Simplicity of double pressing the side button of our device. As simple as that.

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