How to Batch Rename Files on Mac without Third Party App

When it comes to changing the name of our files on Mac, we often have to do it with a large number of files. In this situation, of course, we can choose to manually rename one by one. We can also use third-party apps to batch rename files. and so can we Use the option provided by the same operating system.

For several versions, our Mac has now offered us the possibility directly in the Finder Rename all the files you want in one step. A really interesting function, very versatile, which gives us a customized result in a few clicks.

Nothing beats the Finder for quickly renaming a collection of files

Renaming multiple files on our Mac is as easy as selecting all the documents that interest us secondary click on one of them and select the option rename. From here we have several options depending on what type of name we want to assign to the files.

The first thing we have to look at is the first drop-down menu, because here it offers us the options from replace texts, add text either format. Let’s start with the first, which allows us to replace any text in the filename with another. Here, as usual “find and replace”, we write the text to search for and the text to replace it with. If we leave this second field blank, the text will simply be removed.

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The second option is add textthat allows us Add any text we write after the name either Before the name. If necessary, be sure to include a space before or after the text so it doesn’t get stuck on the existing name.

The third and last option is format. Here we can choose to use Name and Index*, Name and Counter or *Name and Date. In all cases we can decide whether the index, counter or date comes before or after the name we have specified.

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After choosing the options that best suit our needs, all we have to do is do Press rename so the finder does all the work for us. The process is practically instantaneous, although if we have hundreds of files, we may have to wait a few seconds.

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Without offering the number of options that some third-party dedicated apps can have, the truth is that it gives us just enough of them We can handle most situations comfortably. A functionality that, like this way of dragging files in macOS, can easily go unnoticed, but is really interesting.

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