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How controlled leaks made Reality Pro one of the most anticipated releases of the year

There are still three weeks left before Apple unveils its latest breakthrough to the world: the Reality Pro. It’s a risky move. It may be too much for some, however Apple controls it perfectly. The company manages to create a kind of quasi-mystical aura that few companies can match.

Cupertino’s are a bunker when it comes to talking about new products. Hermetics determine, at least officially, the company’s communication. What connoisseurs call PR. Apple doesn’t know anything about a mixed reality headset. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Craig Federighi said a year ago in response to a question from a journalist. Nobody knows anything, absolutely nothing. It’s funny. Or maybe they do know?

We know everything and deep down we know nothing

If there’s something called PR that Apple excels at, it’s marketing. They are the example to be followed in all universities in the world. There isn’t a single communications school that hasn’t featured one of his ads, a handbook that doesn’t mention one of his launches, and not a PowerPoint presentation that doesn’t mention his name.

But marketing isn’t just that. In fact, it’s the least important part. What really matters is what happens behind the scenes. Apple’s big advantage isn’t its announcements, its presentations, or its product launches, it’s it to be able to condition consumers without them knowing. This is real marketing. The one who is not seen or noticed but leaves a mark.

Apple knows that launching the Reality Pro is an extremely risky move. It can be very good, but it can also be very bad. The Americans call this “High Risk High Reward”. Those from Cupertino don’t like that probability. You don’t like to leave things to chance. In this way, no corporation emerges with more power and influence than any other democracy in human history.

In Cupertino they know that this has to go well. They can’t afford to make a mistake, so they created an environment for all of this to make sure it works. Rumors and leaks are no coincidence. We know exactly what Apple wants us to knowno matter how much they act surprised every time someone asks about it.

Reality Pro renders

If we stop, what exactly do we know about the Reality Pro? Some of its features, but yes. In fact, it’s quite odd that they leaked exactly when skepticism took hold in the media. Nobody saw it clearly or understood the purpose of the product. Comments have been written calling it unnecessary, premature, or both. And surprise. As hype turned to disappointment, some features were leaked. “How convenient,” as the English would say.

We think we know what your design will look like. However, all published “renderings” are present based on a drawing that surfaced on the internet a few years ago and whose exact origins we do not know. We all just took it for granted but there is no photo, video or anything like that. All part of a sketch I could have done with my iPad if I could draw.

What do we know? The bad. Curiously, the two disadvantages (the short battery life and the fact that it is an external operation) are also known to us from various sources. Because? For the simple reason that the sooner these problems come to light, the sooner people will get used to itand less will be the surprise on the day of the presentation.

It’s all a feat by the best marketing team in the world

If it had never leaked, all media would be talking about it the day after its official announcement. It would grab a lot of the media attention, and would overshadow the usefulness of the device. As we already know and as has already been discussed, it will not be a novelty. You won’t attract readers and the media will pay less attention to you. It will have normalized.

If Apple has achieved anything with this, it’s attention. The reality is that WWDC is being watched at large by developers, geeks, journalists, and the occasional fan. The average user is not used to seeing it. It’s very technical. He’s not interested in iOS 17, but in iPhone 15, and he knows it won’t be out until September. Thanks to this aura created around the Reality Pro, We will all see the event on June 5th. The world will watch. This is real marketing.

"We'll be talking about this for years to come": I have attended the previous ones and I am convinced that this WWDC23 will be much more than iOS 17 or Apple Reality Pro

It’s a masterpiece. The people of Cupertino have managed to find the perfect balance between surprise and expectation. They caught everyone’s attention by counting just enough for us to continue with one Feeling of not knowing what to expect next June 5th. Basically because deep down we don’t know, even if we’ve been told we don’t. When that day comes, the Reality Pro will see the light of day after so many years of work. Friends, greet the future and buckle up, the curves are coming.

In Applesphere | Apple Reality Pro: Everything we know about augmented and virtual reality glasses

Source : www.applesfera.com