His apples would be worth more than 200 million euros today

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak founded Apple in 1976. 47 years ago this tiny “startup” and this garage owned by Jobs’ parents. Today, This small company has grown into the largest in the worldand that garage was replaced by Apple Park, a $5,000 million building.

When people talk about Apple’s origins, they usually talk about the two Steves. But Apple was much more. It definitely wouldn’t be what it is today without her, and it’s entirely possible it wouldn’t be. But there is much more. Employees, employees, business people… Apple’s foundations are made up of many more peopleincluding Daniel Kottke.

The third in conflict

Daniel Kottke and Steve Jobs They were good friends before Apple Computers was founded. They studied together, they had very similar interests, they traveled the world and they even used – let’s leave it at that – “strange” substances together. It was certainly their trip to India to “seek spiritual enlightenment” that brought them closer together. However, in the months leading up to Apple’s IPO, their relationship took a turn for the worse.

Daniel was one of the company’s first employees. He started working in the same year, 1976, in the garage where it all began. His future promised. Indeed it was. After leaving Apple, he went through several tech companies and didn’t do badly at all. In fact, her story is the perfect example of how Financial success is not necessarily the most important success.

If you’ve never heard of Kottke, the latter may have surprised you. How have you been financially unsuccessful? Sure, now that you’ve started at Apple, you must have a lot of money in stocks and such, right? Well no. basically because never had shares. Not because he didn’t want to, but because they wouldn’t let him.

He had many differences with Steve Jobs that caused him to leave the company

When Apple went public in 1980, Daniel wanted to buy shares and he asked for a gift because he was there from the start. However, it couldn’t be. His position wasn’t high enough. More precisely, he wanted to be at least an engineer, and he was a technician.

The number of shares engineers received varied greatly depending on position, quality, responsibility, etc. It is estimated that each received between 2,000 and 5,000 shares. Suppose you got the average: 3,500. If he hadn’t sold a single one of his shares today, taking into account the splits that have occurred and inflation, they would be worth $215,962,734.

The common trait of George Lucas and Steve Jobs led to their success at Star Wars and Apple

Little is currently known about his life. We know he gives interviews from time to time and continues to work on technology projects sporadically, but little else. The truth is that his story is very interesting, and it is very valuable to be able to absorb this “loss” of more than $215 million. Many couldn’t.

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