Here’s what happens when you connect more than one Apple Pencil to an iPad Pro or iPad Air

You may have wondered: is it possible to connect more than one Apple Pencil to a single iPad Pro? You may think it absurd, but you can always have two kids who want to draw on the same canvas, or just have one Apple Pencil at home and another at work.

We can also ask the reverse question: can we use an Apple Pencil on two iPads at the same time? Apple has thought through all these possibilities and the behavior when someone thinks about these limits is calculated. Even if we try to cheat.

only one can fit

When we talk about a first-generation Apple Pencil, it needs to be physically connected to a compatible iPad in order for the tablet to connect via the Lightning connector. But if this iPad has a linked pen and we intend to link another one, the first link is missing. It is not possible to connect two pens at the same time.

In the same way, if we want to use a stylus on more than one tablet, we must make the Lightning connection on the second iPad after doing it on the first. And if you do this, the connection to the first iPad will be lost. A tablet, a pen.

At the moment, no generation of Apple Pencil allows you to configure it on multiple iPads at the same time or use it with another Pencil on the same iPad.

That doesn’t change too much when we talk about them Second generation Apple Pencil: The connection is made when we put it on the side of a compatible iPad and we no longer depend on the port. Yes, we’ve gained some convenience because the connection is easy, but you can’t use two Apple Pencils at the same time. Not even on the most modern iPad Pro.

What if we use a multi-port Lightning adapter to connect two first-generation Apple Pencils to those ports at the same time? The answer is also no. No matter how hard you try to sync the two connections, you will only be able to connect to one. In fact, you could create a conflict as one Apple Pencil would constantly try to steal the link from another.

So if you want a one-word summary: no. Typically, you have an Apple Pencil on each iPad, and at most you can link the same Pencil on multiple tablets (say, one at home and one at work) so you don’t have to buy two Pencils.

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Tablets compatible with Apple Pencil

The first generation Apple Pencil is compatible with the following iPad models:

  • iPad 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th generation
  • 10th Gen iPad (but with a Lightning to USB-C adapter)
  • 3rd generation iPad Air
  • Fifth generation iPad Mini
  • 9.7 inch iPad Pro
  • 10.5 inch iPad Pro
  • First and second generation 12.9-inch iPad Pro

The second generation Apple Pencil is compatible with the following iPad models:

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