Here’s how to use our iPhone as if it were a USB stick to move large files easily

Surely it’s not the most common use, but in some circumstances we can do it have to use our iPhone as if it were external storage. A way to use the storage space on our phone to easily move large files. Before that, we will certainly consider using the cloud, so ubiquitous today, but if this is not an option, our iPhone comes to the rescue.

Once we have decided that our iPhone is the best option, We have several resources to transfer the files. One is to use AirDrop – set reception to Everyone – which is the easiest method as long as we’re talking about transferring data from a Mac, the other is to use a cable, a method that works with Windows -PCs.

A resource to consider under certain circumstances

Using AirDrop to transfer large files to our iPhone is undoubtedly the most convenient and simple. However, let us consider Save them in iPhone storage itselfnot in cloud to prevent the phone from trying to transfer all data to iCloud, which consumes mobile data and battery.

All we have to do is open the app records our iPhone enter the tab Exploretouch the button in the form of three dots, touch To edit and activate on my iphone. Then if we want to receive the transfer via AirDrop and save the content in the Files app, Let’s decide to save it on iPhone.

The easiest method so far, since the situation changes a lot when using our iPhone as a USB stick with a Windows PC. Here the first We need a third-party file management app, such as documents created by Riddle, Files Go, or iFiles, for example. Once we have one of these applications installed on the iPhone, iTunes on the PC and the cable ready to connect, we can proceed.

An unusual use of our iPhone that can get us out of trouble.

After connecting our iPhone to PC, we need to open iTunes. When asked if we want to trust the computer, we say yes, on both PC and iPhone. Next we went to iTunes Sync section and go to Files tab. This section allows us to manage the content of applications like the ones we saw in the previous paragraph.

So what we still have to do is Drag the files onto the application in question or unfold the content of the application to drag the content to the PC. In the first case we just have to wait for the transfer, which depends a lot on the size of the files. In the second, not even that, we can directly eject and disconnect the iPhone.

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As we have already said, this is not the most conventional use of our iPhone, however under certain circumstances it can save us from an awkward situation. In situations where we don’t have an internet connection and we need to move 80 GB of data, for example, using our iPhone as if it were a USB stick is an excellent option.

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