Here’s how to see more or less recent apps in our Mac’s Dock

The Dock on the Mac is essential to access the applications of our Mac. Not only does it give us access to the ones we’ve added and selected, but it also shows us the three that we’ve used recently since they’re not in the dock. A really useful section when reopening applications that we don’t use regularly.

Beyond the last three apps, we can customize the amount we want to see. It can be useful, for example, when we want to greatly reduce the number of fixed apps and, Focus almost exclusively on recent apps in a dock. An adjustment that will allow us to adapt our dock even better to our workflow.

A small detail to have a few more apps on hand

Change the number of applications that appear in our Mac’s Dock requires us to use the terminal, because the Settings app, where we would normally make these kinds of changes, doesn’t have that option. Without further ado, here are the steps to follow:

  1. we open it terminal on our Mac. We can find it in Finder, in the Applications folder, simply by searching for Terminal in Utilities or using Spotlight.
  2. We copy and paste the following command without quotes: “defaults write show-recents -bool true; defaults write show-recent-count -int 10; killall Dock”
  3. We can change the number 10 by the number of recent applications we want to see in the dock.
  4. Press Enter (↵) to run the command.

Immediately we will see that the dock disappears for a second and reappears with the number of uses newer ones that we just hinted at.

Later if we wanted We can go back to the default number of uses. If we want it that way, all we have to do is repeat the steps we just saw, simply copying and pasting this command – remember, without the quotes –: “defaults delete show-recents; killall dock”.

Just like creating a recent apps folder in the Dock, this may seem like a small detail, but the truth is that we can customize an item that we use so much every day to make it best suits our needs and workflows make a difference. An adjustment that, as we have just seen, we can make very easily to have at hand those apps that we use more often but less often than others.

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