Here’s how to know the Wi-Fi password to which we are connected from our iPhone, iPad or Mac

Thanks to the fact that our devices store the passwords of the Wi-Fi networks we connect to, the most common thing is that, Once you’re connected the first time, we forget about it. What if someone asks us for the password of the network we’re connected to? We have several options.

We’re disregarding the fact that if that person has an Apple device, we can share the password directly. And we leave it aside because although the other person can connect to the network, we still won’t know the password itself. Luckily we have other resources.

Consult the password of any network we are on

As said, sharing network password is really useful and in many cases more convenient than other options, but it won’t tell us the password. A password that we need to send to another person, for example by message or to Tell someone not to use an Apple device.

Luckily we can in macOS Ventura and iPadOS and iOS 16 Consult the password of the network to which we are connected directly from our iPhone, iPad or Mac. The steps to get this information are very simple. Specifically, on our iPhone or iPad:

  1. We open the app settings on our iPhone or iPad.
  2. We came in Wireless Internet access.
  3. We touch the “i” next to the name of the network to which we are connected.
  4. we play along password.
  5. We identify ourselves with Face ID or Touch ID.
  6. If we want, we touch the button Copy to save the password to the clipboard.
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Look at the password of the Wi-Fi network we are connected to from macOS Ventura it’s just as easyalthough the steps are slightly different. Specifically these are:

  1. In the Apple menu () we choose system settings.
  2. In the left sidebar we select Wireless Internet access.
  3. We touch the button in the form of three dots next to the name of the network under “Known Networks”.
  4. we vote Copy password.
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Now we only have Paste the password where we need to see it written or send it for whom it is necessary. Let’s also note that here we can check the password of any network, not just the one we’re using at any given moment.

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Just as we can see from the iPhone who is connected to your Wi-Fi network, checking the password of the Wi-Fi network we are on is very simple. Thanks to this we can share it with anyone who needs it or write it down for future consultation. A resource we can on our iPhone and iPad as well as on our Mac whenever we need it.

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