Here’s how to easily create a bootable macOS Ventura installer

Whenever we talk about installing or updating the operating system of our Mac, a concept always comes up: that of Perform a clean or fresh install. A very useful resource when it comes to making sure we’re fixing all system bugs, especially when we’ve participated in the beta cycle.

A clean installation requires us to completely erase the contents of our Mac, which means that the information to run the installation is there It must be on an external drive. And this is where the need to create a bootable macOS Ventura installer comes in.

The only way to do a true clean install

Creating a macOS Ventura installer is very easy. Let’s check the ingredients as if it were a cooking recipe. we need one External memory with 16 GB capacity or more. We’ll also need a Mac compatible with macOS Ventura and we’ll need to download the installer onto the computer, which we can do simply by searching for “Ventura” in the Mac App Store.

Remember we must Completely erase all contents of the external storage that we will be using, so make sure you back up any important information in advance. That being said, here are the steps to follow:

  1. We connect the storage to the Mac.
  2. From the same desktop we change the name, as if it were any folder, to something obvious like “USB”, preferably without spaces.
  3. We open the app terminal that we can find via Spotlight.
  4. We copy and paste the code shown below and press Enter. Of course, let’s note that we need to change the code to reflect the name we chose in step two. In this case we use the USB name.

sudo /Applications/Install\ macOS\ --volume /Volumes/USB --nointeraction

From here we simply wait for the terminal to complete the installer creation process. once done, eject the volume like any other of the many we associate with the Mac. If we wish, we can then remove the installer from the Mac.

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And nothing more, we already have a bootable installer on our hands can start by itselfto perform a clean installation of the computer whenever we need it. An extremely useful resource in different circumstances, in addition to performing a clean installation, since in certain circumstances it could also allow us to restore the system. Should we consider installing our Mac from scratch? This is the first step.

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