Here’s how to configure your first iPhone if you come from Android

The mages have come! And with them and Christmas presents, many people have just released a technological gift. If you are one of them and you just opened your brand new iPhone, you may have doubts how to set it up for the first time coming from android. In this article, we explain the essential steps to make everything run like silk.

The fast way: with the “Move to iOS” app on Android

The quickest way to do this is to use the Move to iOS app that Apple has on Android, which you can download from this Google Play Store link. Before you start the process, you should make sure of the following:

  • Both devices are connected to their chargers (or at least have a very high charge level).
  • You are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • The space used on your Android device will fit your new iPhone.

When you have that ready, launch your iPhone Settings and stop when you get to the Apps and Data section. There you will see four options, the last one being “Transfer data from Android”. select it At this moment, you can open the Go to iOS app on your Android and start the process.

Follow the instructions, which will take you to a point where you can choose what content you want to transfer from your old device to iPhone. Below that, you can move your email accounts, contacts, photos, messages, calendar, and bookmarks from your browser. You can also download apps that exist on iOS and are automatically free.


Among all these data, one is particularly important: Move all your WhatsApp messages. A few months ago I would have said it was an impossible task, but thanks to last year’s updates, we can all move our WhatsApp from Android to iOS with ease.

The only thing you have to consider is the storage space: if your WhatsApp takes up many GB of storage space, the data transfer can take hours. It may be a good idea to clean WhatsApp from your Android before transferring to save yourself trouble.

The manual method to release an iPhone from scratch

iphone 14 pro apple

You may prefer to manually transfer data from one terminal to another, either because you like setting up a new device (like in my case) or because you’d rather do it your way. If you don’t want to use Apple’s Move to iOS app, here’s how to set up your new iPhone. To transfer the music, you have two options.

  1. If you use a service like Spotify, download the app here or open Apple Music. In any case, you must log in with your username and password.
  2. If you have saved it on your device, you need to transfer its files to a computer using iTunes, backup the folder created there and sync your iPhone with iTunes.

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In the case of email and contacts, if you’re from Android, you most likely have a Gmail account. Go to Settings on your iPhone > Accounts & Passwords and add the Gmail account by following the steps you will find. At the end of the configuration, you will see that there are a few buttons that allow you to choose what you want to add to your iPhone: Mail, Contacts, Calendar and Notes. Each of them is saved in the corresponding app.

The manual method requires you to set up the iPhone again and add the data little by little.

For photos and videos, you need to follow a similar process as for music. Move all these files to a computer running iTunes in one folder. After, sync your iPhone to add the desired photos from iTunes. The quick alternative is to download Google Photos on both your old phone and your new iPhone (here for iOS) and wait for them to sync on the former before they appear on the latter.

Apps you may want to install

iPad vlc

Now that you’ve set up your iPhone with your email, contacts, photos, and music, you might want to take a look at iOS 16’s most interesting features. It’s also time to download apps you’re likely to visit using. We have chosen the 10 most typical So you don’t need to look for them in the iOS store, just click on the link and wait for them to open in the corresponding tab in the App Store:

  • No introduction is required for WhatsApp, Twitter and Instagram.
  • VLC is an all-round video player
  • Clips, an exclusive Apple app that makes it easy and simple to record and edit videos to share them on your social networks.
  • Netflix and HBO MAX, perfect to enjoy your series if you already have an account (or enjoy the free month).
  • Dropbox to store files in the cloud.
  • Google Maps, if you come from Android you probably already have all your favorite places in this app.
  • Flipboard to keep up to date with what’s new.

Notes is one of the best Apple apps you can find on your new iPhone

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Don’t forget that iOS comes with very useful default apps like the iWork office suite (Pages, Numbers and Keynote), Notes and its multiple features like scanning documents, messaging to communicate with your contacts who have an iPhone , and files used to group all providers of Cloud storage in a single site. They’re worth checking out just because, among other things, they offer integration with other Apple devices.

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