Google Pixel Tablet VS Apple iPad 10: Features, Differences and Prices

Google isn’t new to the tablet business, but its Pixel tablet is the first in the Pixel line; a new element to establish the ecosystem that the company has created with the rest of the devices. But every time a new iPad competitor comes along, one question arises, and that’s it if you manage. We compare them to learn their characteristics.

Features for iPad (2022) and Google Pixel Tablet

Pixel tablet


Google Pixel tablet

iPad (2022)


258 x 169 x 8.1 mm and 493 grams

248.6 x 179.5 x 7 mm and 477 grams


10.95 inch IPS LCD with 1,600 x 2,560 pixels resolution in 16:10 format and 60 Hz refresh rate

10.9-inch Liquid Retina IPS LCD with a resolution of 1640 x 2360 pixels, a refresh rate of 60 Hz and a brightness of 500 nits

Processor | Aries | storage

Google Tensor G2 (5nm) | 8GB | 128 or 256GB

A14 Bionic (5nm) | 4GB | 64 or 256GB


  • Rear: 8 MP wide angle
  • Front: 8 MP wide angle
  • Rear: 12 MP wide angle |
  • Front: 12 MP ultra wide angle


Up to 12 hours of streaming video playback

Up to 10 hours of autonomy

operating system

Android 13 (upgradable to Android 14)

iPad OS 16


WiFi 6, Bluetooth 5.2, USB-C 3.2 Gen 1, magnetic connector

Dual-band WiFi 6, Bluetooth 5.2, GPS (optional, Wi-Fi + Cellular model only), USB-C (2.0)


Dock that turns it into a “Nest Hub” with a powerful speaker

Stereo speakers, Apple Pencil 1 support and keyboard with Magic Keyboard Folio trackpad, Touch ID


679 euros

From €579

Apple iPad (2022) 10th generation

Apple iPad (2022) 10th generation

  • Screen: both tablets have pscreens of almost 11 inches and high resolution, with a refresh rate of 60 Hz. They may not be among the best in the business, but they have enough quality to make consuming multimedia content, surfing the Internet or editing images comfortable, for example.
  • processor: Google doesn’t want its Tensor processors to be the most powerful on the market, they do You master deep learning with artificial intelligence. However, the experience with everyday tasks will be good, but if you want to play games, you may have to adjust the graphics settings of demanding titles to make it work well. While Apple’s A14 Bionic isn’t the company’s latest model either, it’s more than adequate for the majority of users, even those who use the tablet for gaming.
  • RAM and storage: Android manages RAM differently than iOS, ie The 8GB of the Pixel tablet means nothing against the 4GB of the 10th-gen iPad. As for storage options, we find 128 or 256 GB in the Google proposal and 64 or 256 GB in the Apple device.
  • cameras: The most important camera on a tablet is the front one, since it’s the one most commonly used for video calls, and Apple does a good job here 12 MP ultra wide angle with center framing support. The rear also has 12 MP, which is very useful for scanning documents, for example. Those of the Pixel tablet are 8 MP, and Google’s strong point is software processing, which achieves very interesting results with little effort.
  • battery: Google has commented that its Pixel tablet is able to keep up Up to 12 hours of streaming video playbackThis is something to consider as it is one of the main uses of this type of device. Apple states that the autonomy of the iPad (2022) is around 10 hours per charge.
iPad 10 with Magic Keyboard Folio Keyboard and Trackpad Case

  • operating system: Of course, the pixel tablet uses the Android operating system in version 13. However, this system was used very little on tablets That Google is counting on it should mean that they are committed to improving the software. The iPad 10 now features iPadOS 16.
  • connectivity: Both tablets have similar connectivity, with WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2. There is a version of the iPad 10 with 5G and GPS. Like the iPad, the Pixel Tablet has a magnetic dock connector for connecting other accessories.
  • Other: There’s a docking station for the Pixel tablet, turning it into a sort of enriched Google Nest Hub. iPad 10 is compatible with Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard Folio with keyboard and trackpad.
  • PriceNote: The iPad 10 has an MSRP of €579, while the Pixel Tablet starts at €679 in markets where it is sold.

Google Pixel Tablet vs Apple iPad 10, which tablet to buy?

There’s one thing you need to know about the Pixel tablet: it’s only sold in a very limited number of countries. AND Spain is not one of them. Only interested parties living in Germany, France, the USA, Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, Australia and Japan can get hold of it (or have to resort to importing it, as has happened in the past). with other Google products).

Apart from that, the Pixel tablet is not characterized by its performance for the opportunity to become the control center for home automation by connecting to the dock that is included in the pre-order or can be purchased separately later. This dock also has a powerful speaker, so listening to music through it is very satisfying.

Even if the 10th generation iPad isn’t the most attractive in the catalogue, it is a safe choice for tablets– Broad support for software updates, smooth operating system, extensive catalog of apps tailored to the size of your screen, and compatibility with accessories such as Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard Folio with keyboard and trackpad.

However, the decision is also noticeable to many users The operating systemand there are people who dislike iOS and prefer Android and vice versa, and that’s a compelling reason.

Apple iPad (2022) 10th generation

Apple iPad (2022) 10th generation

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