From opening the box to enjoying in just 15 minutes

We open the beautiful white box, lift the lid and there it is, our new iPhone shows itself in all its glory. We take it out of the box, look inside-out and inside-out, and certainly enjoy the moment. Then we turn it on, yes, and for the first time since the first surprise we think about how to configure it.

Luckily, at Apple they put the very very easy setup process. Thanks to this we can enjoy our new iPhone in just 10 or 15 minutes. And what’s more, most of the system is fully automatic. Let’s see it in detail.

Enjoy our iPhone with all information on it in minutes

The first thing we have to do is Create a backup of our old iPhone. We can do it directly in iCloud (even if we don’t have space on it) or through our Mac. In the first case we just have to open the app settingstap our name at the top, tap iCloud and then in Backup to iCloud. If this is not the case, we activate Backup this iPhone and click perform now.

if we choose Use your Mac or Windows PC with the iTunes app installed To create the backup we just have to connect the iPhone to the computer when prompted Trust the computer and then open iTunes or Finder. After touching iPhone in the left sidebar and then touching Generallet’s just touch Back up all iPhone data to this Mac.

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Clever. Now we can turn our attention to the new iPhone. We choose the language, the location, we enter the password of the Wi-Fi network that we have within range, and follow the onscreen steps. Important to enter our Apple ID and password. If we doubt what our Apple ID is, we can go to our old iPhone and enter it settings and play on our behalf. The Apple ID is the email address that appears just below our name. Likewise, if we don’t remember the password, we can touch each other password and security in the same section to change it. If so, we’ll be sure to write it down as soon as we change it.

After signing in with our Apple account on the new iPhone, we will be asked how to recover the information. here We will choose to use a copy in iCloud or on a Mac or PC according to what we have previously chosen. If we use the second option, we can already connect the iPhone to our computer. If we choose the first one, the system will take care of everything after we have chosen the latest copy that we want to restore.

Configure some other parameters like Face ID, wallet app cards, display style and other details, we will be done. We see the home screen of our iPhone with several applications. All contact information, calendar, reminders, files, photos and the third-party applications are already being transferred.

Depending on the amount of information we transfer, there is a high probability that applications will still be downloaded or installed. Here’s the best We leave our iPhone connected to the charger and wait quietly so that the process can be completed. To finish, we just have to log in again in some applications of the likes of WhatsApp, Telegram, our bank and other similar applications.

This is how we can store a temporary backup of our iPhone or iPad in iCloud even if we don't have space for it

With that, we have our new iPhone ready to use. And what do we do with the old one now? Easy. We came in settings > General > Transfer or reset iPhone > Erase content and settings and we leave it at the factory to deliver to Apple for a gift certificate, sell it, or give it away. Nothing more? Have fun with our new iPhone!

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